Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Did You Like Tonight's Episode?

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The third episode of the fourth Gossip Girl season, "The Undergraduates," just aired on the CW, with new challenges thrown in the paths of Chuck, Dan, Blair and Serena.

TVF's complete review of all the episode's events will be posted early Tuesday, but for now, we want to hear from you. What did you think of Monday night's Gossip Girl?

Did you like it? Why or why not? What were your favorite and least favorite parts? Are you happy with the season so far overall? Vote in our survey and comment away!

Serena and Blair in New York

What did you think of "The Undergraduates"?

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To Elise of the Upper East Side Pairing up Dan and Blair would be a sign of creativity. Why? Because they are so different that no one would ever see a relationship between them. I've been yearning to see them in a relationship since season 1, episode 4. The dynamic of the 2 is truely amazing (see episodes Pret-a-Poor-J, The Age of Dissonance, The Freshmen, Rufus Getting Married, The Unblairable Lightness of Being). I'm for Chair all the way, but after what Chuck did, I think the only way to truely punish him and make him see what an ass he's been is to put Dan in his way. Besides Blair, Dan's the only person that really knows Chuck (see episode The Serena also Rises). Blair and Dan can be great friends, even with their half witty banter for each other. Serena got used to getting what she wants without working at all, and my guess is that the writers decided to dethrone her. To make her work a little. Nate's a jack-ass, like always. Dan's not-son Milo is a kind of desperate move. And Eva... If you remember Chuck and Elle... well... Eva is Chuck. She'll go back to Paris, just like Chuck came back to Blair in The Age of Dissonance. Hope it'll will not be too late for Chuck. He almost lost Blair then, and he'll lose again.


I'm not bothered with the Chuck/Eva stuff this week. That is not Chuck Bass, and he's only deluding himself the same way Blair did with the Lord and Nate in season 2. It didn't especially bother me then, so I won't let it now. That being said, he better snap out of it soon. I'm impatient for the hot, snarky CB goodness coming our way...


@ BBgunlvr1012 I completley agree haha we chair fans derserve a wedding i mean honestly our couple has been through it all. I think the episode was good, But it is still not at the level season 1 and 2 were. I also think the fact directors are changing is letting the continuaty of the show slip just a bit but in saying that it has being happening since the first series so i guess it must just be this season. Any way most importantly bring on our chair wedding!!


I'm beyond annoyed with the writers. They have ruined chuck and Blair.


Am I seeing the same Chuck that I saw at the end of the last episode? I think not. I feel delirious right now. If this was the same man who said a week ago "I ruined the only thing I ever loved", then the writers should have followed through with " I have already moved on" like a puppy dog, like a coward because I fail to see consistency here. The problem with this show is that the writers CHANGE SO OFTEN. SS wrote episode 1 & 2, this episode was written by someone else. Therefore lack of continuity. Blair was an awesome bitch this episode. She was royalty last episode. I'm warming to Eva more than I ever thought possible, but right now, she needs to disappear. Chuck has lost his sexy, sultry, suave persona with her. He is definitely NOT Chuck Bass anymore.


I absolutely loved the Serena and Blair scenes, those two being friends just make me so happy. And that scene when they go against Juliet was totally fierce and very season one. Yup, it's safe to say the queen B's are back!
However, I didn't like the way Chuck and Nate treated Blair and Serena, that was so mean. They should understand that the girls have been heartbroken and need a break.
I also loved the Lily and Chuck scenes, they care about each other so much, it's adorable. Yup, season 4 is going to be amazing!


I feel sick to my stomach with what Chuck did to Blair.
That was absolutely disgusting.... and my heart absolutely breaks for her :|




So far, I'm lovin' the season. This episode was pretty good, but I reserve the best episodes to be the ones that have serious Chair action. Saw the promo for next week's episode, and I am DROOLING. It's gonna be gooooooooooooood. The rest of the characters' story lines actually interest me this season, especially Dan and Juliette's happenings. So, overall, one of my fav seasons to date. Now, if they ruin Chair like they did last season, it will probably get bumped to the bottom of the list. Episode 22 was about all I can take for Chair abuse. Bring on the wedding....we Chair fans deserve it!


I loved Serena and Blair on the same team for once. They should keep these two buddies instead of frenemies. I love Serena being put in her place by Nate.
I know I'm biased as I'm a Chuck and Blair fan but I'm starting to feel like Chuck didn't really love Blair, he loved the idea of someone wanting him. Now that someone else does, he'll happily go with them. If he truely loves B, then he better step up to the plate and show how he's different with Blair as opposed to anyone else. Does that make sense?
I don't understand why Eric was so mad at him. I can understand because of Jenny but didn't Chuck always treat Eric well. Don't you think he'd have had some sort of sympathy for the guy.


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