Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "A Touch of Eva"

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The fourth episode of Gossip Girl's fourth season, "A Touch of Eva," airs on October 4. "The Undergraduates" airs this coming Monday, September 27 (see link for that photo gallery).

In "A Touch of Eva," Blair schemes to undermine Chuck's newfound happiness with the girl for whom the episode is titled. How will she attempt that, and will she be successful?

Meanwhile, Nate suspects that Juliet is keeping a secret and decides to confront her, and Dan is torn between feelings for Serena and Vanessa. Click to enlarge the pics below ...

Eva and Chuck Image
C. Bass Speaks
Dan the Doughnut
Nate and Juliet Photo
Nice Derena Pic
She's Up 2 No Good
Msr. Bass
Blair in Blue
S is on the Phone
Chuck n' Blair Pic
Cheva Pic
One Gorgeous Gown on S
Chair Confrontation
European Girlfriend
Miss B Schemes
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I think Chuck and Blair look great together and they share the same statis they perfectly match each other would really like to see them together again


yeah eva is sooooo sweet and nice but sweet and nice is so booooring, blair makes more sense with chuck because they're inevitable :)


I find it kind of funny how you are fighting here ;-) Eva isn't gonna last,so no need to discuss the topic anyway!
Although I would rather prefer her to stay in the show than Juliet. Can't stand that woman, she is a bitch and looks way too old next to the others. Eva is pretty, charming and sweet... although she is a hooker.
And Louis?! Common, he is a pantywaist. Who on earth would like to be with a guy like him?! A softy like him could never ever "rock B's world"!! Blair is much to strong for him - that's why she matches only with Chuck!


Eva is the new troll. I can't stand her, and I'm going to be petty about it till she GTFO. So.


why are you so emotional?
just because you dont like Chair doesnt mean I cant like them
I have the rights to my own opinion and so do you...and my opinion is this Eva character is soooo boring!!!!
I'm a fashion designer so what do you expect? fashion is my world and its something I'm gonna be making money from!


@ChuckYou: totally agree with you! i really want eva&chuck to be together awhile. they're kinda sweet. although the main story plot "blair&chuck" in the end. Getting really tired of Blair~


And Eva may not be as 'stylish' as Blair (says who? I myself don't like Blair's grandma clothes), she has a way more likeable, nicer and sweeter personality than Blair. Or are you telling me that a great sense of fashion is what you are looking for in a boyfriend instead of a great personality?


What the hell are you talking about Yelena? Eva doesn't interact with other characters? She didn't even meet them yet! Did you even watch the episodes? She briefly saw Blair and had a very brief interaction with Serena off-camera. I like Eva, she seems such a lovely girl. When Chuck asked her to join him back to New York, she seemed really surprised that he arranged the flight for her ("you got me a ticket?"). Much more likeable than spoiled brat Blair, who always want more and more (remember in season 1 when Nate gave her chocolates to apologize? Instead of saying thank you rightaway she said 'I prefer the gold collection'. God I can't stand that stupid b*tch).


all Eva does in the show is makin out with Chuck...other than that she doesn't have that much storyline and doesnt really interact with the other characters....how boring!!!!! Can we have ep 5 already where we wont have Eva?


I hope they break them up and put Eva with Dan. I am so bored of Dan and Serena or Dan and Vanessa. Eva's character is great and I would like to see her stick around,but she doesn't belong with Chuck. She is the rebound girl. I almost think it is insulting that they want us to believe Chuck is in love with her, like 'I almost died holding a ring to Blair and just because I get shot I am love with this 'Harry Potter' chick.'
They should have brought her on as Chuck's friend and then gave her a storyline with a character more compatiable with her like Dan.

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
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