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Serena is SOOO dumb. I mean the point of breaking up with Nate ( And she is the one who broke up, not Nate, the ultimatum was a joke and he was totally ready to forgive her the kiss AND the lying part with Dan) was to focus on her deep desires, to figure out who she was and what she needed. Instead of what she went to Paris, shoped a lot, slept with some random guys, avoided to make a choice between brooklyn and the ues and came back home as lost as she was before she left. And her first words were : Where are Dan and Nate?? Come on what are U gonna say? U don't even know if you have feelings for one of them! This is SILLY! I'm so happy the acted like they moved on during holidays ( even if we know that none of them is totally over her!).

Once again Vanessa is so annoying and please could we move on from the whole baby storyling. We already know that Milo is not Dan's son and the story is kind of boring.

I would like to see Nate with a real girl for once. I mean juliet could ttally be another Bree Buckley and we all know that Nate and Bree storyline was ok for 1 episode! And once again Nate doesn't have a storyline on his own.

Chair scene was totally amazing and so heartbreaking! It's soo abvious that they both have feelings for each other. Blair is the only one who can find the right words. And she is sooo right : it's too easy to go. Chuck has caused a lot of trouble but it's too easy to run away. He has to come back and to fix the situation. At least to deal with it, it's the least he can do! I Also think that Eva and Chuck had a chance as long as Chuck was Henri. But now that Chuck Bass is back i don't think he can stay the new man he wants to be very long which is good news for Chair i hope!




I don't think Blair can hate Eva for being with Chuck--she saved him, and Blair might feel that she 'owes' her for that. At the least, she will understand or believe that Chuck thinks HE owes her for that.

I'm hoping Eva doesn't all of a sudden become immersed in UES culture and attitude; that wouldn't ring true, for starters.


eva won't last two minutes on the UES... seriously.

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