Gossip Girl Review: Staying Sharp!

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This was an interesting episode of Gossip Girl.

"The Undergraduates" saw Juliet going all-out to take down Serena, the quick resolution of Dan's baby plot, and confrontations between Chuck and several Upper East Siders.

With the memory of his actions with Jenny still lingering, the just-returned Bass was forced to confront not only her angry father, but ultimately himself, baring his soul to Eva.

Chuck Bass, after all, a changed man. So he says, and Ed Westwick does a great job selling. But what felt forced was Eric, Rufus and Blair all trying SO hard to tear him down.

No Longer Henry

Shunning him, sure. But Blair going off on Eva was rather harsh, and Eric recanting that story from Season One out of nowhere made little sense. Still, it forced Chuck's hand.

Eva deserved to know the truth about him, and after he told her about his past (father quickly, given his history), she accepted the rejuvenated Chuck Bass 2.0 for who he is.

This was very sweet, but of course, it's far from over. Is she really the innocent she appears, or is she harboring a dark secret of her own? If so, Blair will find it. Bank on that.

Next week have adorable baby Milo who, stunningly, is not actually Dan's. Rufus establishes this right off the bat, forcing Brooklyn's Finest to get a grip and plan his next move.

While the Upper East Side may not mesh with changing diapers, we actually liked what this plot line brought out of Dan, and how no matter what, he refused to let little Milo go.

Until Georgina returned, spun a wild story about a Belorussian business tycoon's wife threatening to kill her, explained that the paternity test got her off the hook, and took Milo.

Dan acquiesced awfully fast, but perhaps it's for the best, and he had no legal claim on the tyke. This also served to bring him back to and closer than ever with Vanessa, as well.

Hopefully, the two of them living together will result in some entertaining stories, rather than the two of them simply being exiled to the loft away from the rest of the characters.

Hmm. On second thought, would people actually like that scenario?

In all seriousness, we would almost have liked to see this drag on a bit. Could they really survive the combined stress of dating, going to college and raising a baby together?

Maybe they'll try for one of their own. Just kidding ... probably. As for Georgina, that was a pretty weak exit. The next time she's back, we expect better from the single mom.

Blair and Juliet

Finally, we have the mysterious Juliet, who made it her mission in life to take down Serena, nixing her from Columbia's prestigious Hamilton House and pitting her against Blair.

This didn't work out in the end, but Ms. Sharp's motives remain extremely shady, and run far deeper than a little crush on Nate Archibald (although that does seem quasi-real).

The closing scene showed Juliet meeting a guy in jail. After he asks how it's going, she replies that it's been tougher than expected, but she remains confident. She'll get it done.

What's her endgame and who is this dude? Why does he look familiar, and why does the CW's sound editing make it freaking impossible to hear any dialogue when music plays?

We love the Black Keys, but come on. Time to solve this one, guys.

Whoever the guy is, and wherever Juliet's ultimate motive to destroy Serena lies, Katie Cassidy is pretty awesome in the role. She may have lost this battle, but she's not done.

Serena and Blair will be more aware of future attacks, but Nate is still in her back pocket. It's nice to see a villain with staying power, who isn't quickly exposed and sent packing.

Regarding the return to Blair's quest for social dominance, complete with the reintroduction of Penelope and more minions, we're not sure how we feel about it. A bit trite, no?

In a sense, the lack of social cliques at NYU and Blair's reaction to that glaring omission was quite realistic. Last night? Not as much. It was high school again, just how B likes it.

We'll give her this, though. B didn’t let any clique doom her bond with S this time, even if she wavered briefly. Like D and V and Chuck and Eva, B and S are living together now!

Oh, and Gossip Girl is really fast with those live streams and updates in general. We are impressed. Our own celebrity gossip site can't hang with her combination of dirt and speed.

What did you think of "The Undergraduates"? Isn't it great to be back at the Upper East Side, with the drama in full force? What will happen next? Discuss with us!


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I really enjoyed last nights episode.
I love the Blair/Serena scenes and the fake out to get back at Juliet.
I felt bad for Dan that G took Milo away and he didn't really do anything can't he legally take him because he signed the birth certificate... unless she faked that too.
So shoot me for saying this but I actually liked Dan and Vanessa together.. actually I liked Vanessa!!
Chuck on the other hand why is he being such a douche,and why is he treated B like garbage, why is he lying to himself? I can't wait for Eva to peace out... btw She has a really ugly name, I thought it would be like eva longoria, but it's ahva.
Rufus and Eric really pissed me off.. Rufus needs to get off his high horse.. does he even remember last season?


I really enjoyed last nights episode.
I love the Blair/Serena scenes and the fake out to get back at Juliet.
I felt bad for Dan that G took Milo away and he didn't really do anything can't he legally take him because he signed the birth certificate... unless she faked that too.
So shoot me for saying this but I actually liked Dan and Vanessa together.. actually I liked Vanessa!!
Chuck on the other hand why is he being such a douche,


YEAHHH georgina last night was weak EXIT !
i dont know what THE child writers made about georgina stories. why georgina go again with no anything special.. it was georgina u know!!!!
come one josh & stephanie..
please tv fanatic tell them!
they have to make GEORGINA SPARKS RETURN AGAIN and being a regular character ! can't they pay michelle??
Georgina sparks story must be GREAT in the next she RETURN !
as being friends with BLAIR & SERENA to fight or destroy NEW EVIL ENEMIES in the last final of GG season 4 !!
best regards


The person in jail looks familair, yes he is like Carter! I heared that Carter will come to GG, so maybe in that point..


Do we know the Georgina storyline is over? Just because she took off last night doesn't mean this plot is over! Eva--is she going to turn out to be the kind-hearted hooker? Wow. Chuck might have lied to her but not sure he's going to tolerate being lied to! Blair going off on Eva was a bit much--it just seemed too early for her to sink her teeth into Eva. Blazing Juliet was pretty damn funny and unexpected (for me, at least) due to the way the promo was edited. I loved it! Good to see Dorota back to being at B's beck-and-call LOL Lily looked stunning. I do like her with 'Charles,', and she keeps proving that she is SO out of Ruff-Ruff's league!


I don't like the fact that Chuck gets to move on and be happy after what he did to Blair. She obviously is hurt when she sees them together and is still trying to get over him. Blair is being Blair…people complain when she wasn't a bitch like she was in high school so the writers bring the bitch in her back and people still complain? I love her the way she is and Eva needs to go away, she's nice but not Gossip Girl material. In the end I will always be rooting for Chair


I agree!


the person in jail looks familair, but it's david call and he never played in gossip girl before...


I only watch Gossip Girl for Chuck now, and in this episode he was the only person who wasn't acting immature.
Blair still acts like she did in high school bossing peneolope around and tearing down Eva. Though i did like her caviar pun, and her and serena moving into together. serena.....ugh always annoying trying to talk to Nate like she never hurt him time after time.And next she is going to ruin Dan and Vanessa :( who were perfect together. Rufus and Eric lame i was very disappointed they act like it doesn't take TWO people to have sex together. And Jenny was the one who initiated. Chuck did nothing wrong to Jenny, he really just hurt himself and Blair. Lily was great :) she is always so just nice and logical. The baby storyline had a lot more potential they rushed it and cut it way to short. Still hope Chuck and Blair get back together otherwise I'll probably stop watching. Btw the writing was a lot better in season 1 and 2 when you go back and watch.


The lack of emotion and short cutting the dramatic storylines is killing this show. I mean, I wasn't a fan of the Dan/baby storyline but it was just starting to have potential...to have Dan bond with this baby that he knew wasn't his, become meshed in this whole new life and then to have Georgina come back and rip that life away - SO MUCH POTENTIAL for Penn to have turned in a fantastic, agonizing performance that could have had us all in his corner crying with him. The loss of Milo should have spanned at least a few episodes, instead he was like, 'oh, my bad - take him, then.' Um...what? What was the point of the whole storyline anyway? Time filler, much? Same with the Chuck and Blair stuff. Excellent potential for angst and maybe even for us to love them like they used to. Instead we get podChuck spouting off cliches about his pure, innocent new honey and Blair acting like a jealous, insecure thirteen year old brat. I actually kinda like Chuck's new girl but she's a walking cliche and so are the rest of them. Come on, Gossip Girl...please stop writing yourself into a cancellation. I really like this show and I want it to continue but the cast deserves better than this and so do we.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Blair: The good thing about no Gossip Girl: no Chuck. What about you? You're the one who has to start college with an ex-boyfriend loose on campus.
Serena: Oh there won't be any issues. Nate and I are still friends even if he is dating some gorgeous blonde named Juliet.
Blair: Oh, please. You are Serena van der Woodsen. We've been on campus what, five minutes? I bet there's already a frat house filled with guys fighting over you. And don't worry, my jealousy issues are as over as... surf fabrics for evening wear. And besides, we're carrying on our divide and conquer strategy from Paris.
Serena: But where will our neutral meeting ground be? Hot & Crusty will not possibly do after Café Louie Phillippe.
Blair: But Hamilton House will.

Chuck will soon realize that it doesn't matter if the dress is couture if the girl is off the rack. And then, as with all things that don't fit, you'll be sent back to where you came from.