Gossip Girl Scoop: Latest on J's (Short-Lived) Return

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It looks like the embattled Jenny Humphrey's return to Gossip Girl this fall involves (shocker) a fashion event and (another shocker!) a brawl with Blair Waldorf!

Jenny reappearance is directly connected to Tim Gunn’s cameo, EW reports, as Blair permits her nemesis to return to the scene of her last crime (Manhattan).

Of course, the return is short-lived.

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THE SHOWDOWN: In one of the Gossip Girl set photos we posted earlier, Jenny appears to square off with Blair as Chuck looks on. Could be the scene we're describing here.

Lil J will be in the Big Apple just long enough for her to interview for a job with Gunn at Parsons. But what might have been a triumphant return will go awry.

Let's just say the Raccoon inadvertently gets caught up in Chuck and Blair’s latest drama, and the pent-up tension boils over at (what else) a big fancy party.

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i love every part of gossip girl,serena luv u girl


morfoulaassi- Jenny is a threat to B and Vanessa wasn't. But I hope B gets to punch little J in the face this season or at lease someone should.


I think Chair is meant to be. But Jenny did nothing wrong and if Blair has forgiven Chuck for sleeping with Vanessa ( which was OMG why would he sleep with her?) she should have forgiven him for being so crashed and sleeping with Poor J.
And she should have helped J because she has been in similar place on the first season.But because several things went on and J became her main enemy on Season 3 she thought she wanted to steal Chuck from her and wanted to get her as far from him as possible. I believe that in the end all will be forgiven.On both sides.Blair must also have seen herself in the situation.
Girl wants Nate.Nate wants Serena. Girl sleeps with Chuck.
She felt that maybe something like what happened between her and Chuck would follow and she wouldn't have a chance to change it. Maybe...
This season I'd love the writers to explore some Dair and then go back to this. Chair Darena Natessa and maybe Jeric if possible???


aaaa no wayy why blair waldorf must back to have relationship with chuck again! it is so boring JOSH!!! GOSSIP GIRL MUST HAVE A NEW STORIES!!! more drama! we all most of all fans love to see BLAIR have a new pince man for her like was in paris!!!! that is so goood!!!


@anitac It's a free country. If people want to complain about the show, then they will complain about the show. It's what fans are supposed to do. Also, where do you get off saying that we are not fans of the show if we are no longer watching it? That's like saying that some of us aren't fans of The Simpsons because we stopped watching the thing when it got sucky or because we didn't stick around for the end of "That '70s Show" (anybody else think that the last half of Season 7 and the entirety of Season 8 sucked?). Let's face it. All of us are fans of the show regardless of whether we choose to watch it or not. You are right we can change the channel or watch it on DVD. It's perfectly good and legal to do so, but who are you telling us where to get off? As Blair Waldorf once told Little Jenny Humphrey, "Haven't you heard of a whispered aside?" And, yes, we would set up our own little places for complaining. There are plenty of those on the internet, but do you know why some of us keep coming back here and post time after time, post after post, day after day, episode after episode, season after season? It's not because we absolutely hate the show, but because we love it and because it hurts the living daylights out of us to watch it be ruined by Josh Schwartz and the other people working for him.


it bothers me so much how this is called "jenny's latest crime." i'm a major chair fan and even i can see that she did nothing wrong. chuck and blair were broken up and from what chuck told her, blair never wanted to see him again. it's chuck who made a huge mistake, but even what he did was not AS bad as blair is making it out to be. i love love love blair, but this is ridiculous. chuck has slept with countless people before when heartbroken over her. i can understand how it hurts more when it's jenny...but still, the only person in this situation i can really feel sorry for is jenny. the poor girl lost her virginity in a totally meaningless way and is now being shunned for not doing anything wrong.


agreed mrs. bass.
I LOVE chuck and HATE jenny. Im extremely pissed. But i kinda forgave chuck along time ago, but it still bothers me. And his excuse"I thought you didnt love me anymore." really. whatever. Jennys just a whore.


I hate how everyone says that blzair shouldn't be mad at jenny for what she did when if that happened to you in real life you'd want to fight her or something else equally dumb


Whatever this scene is about, i hope its something good! Complain, complain, and complain; that is really what some of you do all the time. either the clothes are not good enough, the storyline is sucky, you wish it was like season 1 and 2, you're no longer fans of the show, "you're through with Gossip Girl" goodness its a SHOW, you don't need to take it so seriously. You don't like what you see turn the channel and move on. But to use this site as you're "Gossip Girl bashing place" is rude and unacceptable. If you want to go off on Gossip Girl, sign up for a blog and tell your feelings there! I'm tired of coming on here hearing people whine about the show. Please take that somewhere else.


I agree, this is not the Chuck and Blair show. Blair is conceited, she shouldn't be threatening Jenny for sleeping with Chuck when they were broken up. I can't wait for Jenny to return for good and take on Blair!!

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