Gossip Girl Season 4 Sneak Peek: Serena and Blair in Paris!

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We've already given readers a detailed look at Gossip Girl in Paris, providing a number of juicy tidbits related to the first two episodes of season four.

But here's your chance to get a look at the premiere for yourself. In the following clip, Blair and Serena dish on life in France, consider the future of their friendship and then pause... as Serena's receives a package.

Is it from Brown? Somewhere else? Someone else? Tune in on September 13 to find out, but take your best guess below. Watch and enjoy! XOXO...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/season-4-sneak-peek/" title="Season 4 Sneak Peek"] [/video]

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Okay, so unlike some of you say the letter is not from Brown nor Columbia. It's from Blair's Ivy League Dream School: Yale, which Serena will be attending. Of course, S didn't have the guts to tell B about it but when she does, b will throw her into the fountain. Yeap.


that's it!Blair needs to grow up immediatly.she was cute for a high school girl,but now she's almost 20!!she looks like a spoiled child which is really annoying because of her age!
for god's sake GROW UP girl!
serena is always..well...whatever she is..But at least she is more mature than blair,that's certain!


I am sorry but the most thing I am looking forward to is Dan's SL with the baby I don't really care about anyone else because this is an actually REAL storyline. I think that Dan's storyline will be interesting!! I am kind of bored with chair's sl this season because it the same thing over again.


Serena's going to Columbia but this show is insane. I know it is a show but come on, getting into an ivy is hard, really hard. How in the hell did she have time to apply last season with all of her crap going on (yes, she was doing nothing but in Serena's world she was..finding herself? searching for daddy? screwing Nate again?) It just seems a bit too preposterous. I hope they give a valid logical answer for this because she may be pretty, rich, and lucky with unmistakable charm but that is not enough to get into a good school. You need substance and she does not have it. Regarding Blair, as much as I love her character she needs to grow up a bit. It may be a tad insensitive for Serena to go there, mainly because I don't think she gives a crap where she goes since based on her interests, as she said last season, Brown would be a better fit...but oh freaking well. Personally, I think subconsciously she is a little jealous of Blair and needs to be competitive with her but that is a personal opinion. Blair needs to get over her stupid child behaviour when it come to this particular subject. And those would be my two cents


Now Nate broke up with her?????? what the hell is wrong with this girl??


gosh, I hate Sneak Peeks... so much have been told, discussed, guessed and spoiled about the first two episodes that I feel like I have already watched it. I kinda feel like 'Paris' episodes meh.. NEXT'... seriously, they shouldn't give so much away... it is tiring and take all the fun and mystery...


Blair's face looks really fat. Ugh i want season 1 blair face. With that perfect jawline


Just more of the same from Serena. Who frick'n cares. Blake is boring, I hope she does want to leave the show. Maybe we can get rid of her and Nessa-Troll at the same time.


my friend from columbia saw s and dan on campus today! i think it's true s is going to columbia


i hate how blair sounds when she talks..In this clip. :/

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