Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "Touch of Eva"

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Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

For Blair Waldorf, it appears that's exactly her strategy with Eva, Chuck's new love interest. In the first sneak preview for next week's episode of Gossip Girl, "Touch of Eva," we see B make overtures toward her ... but this is B. You know there's more to it:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/touch-of-eva-sneak-preview/" title="Touch of Eva Sneak Preview"] [/video]

What do you think Blair is up to, and what will we learn about Eva? These three promos may help you answer that. For more on last night's episode, check out our Round Table!

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Blair and Chuck are the real lovers. She always tried to save Chuck. she is really a good girl. I don't know why this guy loves Eva. Looks like Eva, Juliet, Ben and Ivan have a big game plan, may be trying to loot lot of money from Chuck. Anyway they can't suceed in their game plan because of Blair. She will find them easily. I agree that she might have done some stupid things, but in real she is the one always cares about Chuck and none else. Lets find the truth in coming episodes.


I think Chuk was never supossed to be like this... they finished the character... Chuck Bass would never try to be a better person, or care about feelings, blah , blah , blah, Not even after havin a near death experience... And he knows he loves Blair so much so I don´t know what he´s been doing
Please wake up!! we want to se Chuck Bass again and for a whole season...
I dont want to see a Chair war that lasts all season if they´re gonna get back together they might ass well do it now or never.
As for Serena and Nate, I think they´re not meant to be... Nate should be with someone less independent and that cares more about him than Serena...
And Im sure Serena will end up with some crazy stranger who´s not that in to the upper east side, like Carter ... I loved them when they were togehter...
Lets see if they have something to surprise us
looking forward to next weeks episode




@buggy That's easy-
Chuck doesn't really love Eva, as I said, he's really more interested in trying to become someone else. I don't think he can stand the idea of being the person that hurt Blair so much,
That was clear in the train station scene,
He wants to be someone else,
so it is,
in fact,
and some cred to his near-death experience,
That has fueled his desire to be different.
Eva, is simply someone he sees a way to do it with.
He almost died for Blair, and now he's reforming his life because of her. If he didn't love her as much as he does, he wouldn't care enough about what he'd done to her. About how much pain he'd caused her. "I destroyed the only thing I ever loved." He didn't want to hurt her, he's trying to become someone who won't. I think its completely clear that once Chuck has had his epiphany and believes himself to be someone worthy of love again,
that if Blair forgave him,
he'd be back with her in a second. I'm just enjoying the journey ay?


What Blair should do now is get a new guy, seriously. The show needs a revival of her fiestiness. All that pining for Chuck is making her seem weak. She should have brought Louis home from France, haha. I get it that Blair and Chuck are THE couple, and their love is enduring blah blah blah, but I think that letting them be apart would allow for more story and character development, apologies for sounding so literary. And @katela, why is it that it is Eva, not Blair that brings out the best in Chuck, the new reformed person that Chuck is in love with, and not Blair? Such a poisonous relationship they're having. Why must Chuck be the best for Blair and not Blair for Chuck? Maybe that's why we love Chair so much right? The idea of a relationship which has so many ups and downs which brings about a deeper true love and the possibility of two people being so in love with each other that they hurt over it? :D But on a lighter note, I can't wait to see how this plays out in the future. And it'll be great if the writers would make full use of the story potential :D


I really don't get why nearly everbody hates Eva that much. Please, do not misunderstand, I am a huge chair fan and I am rather sure that by the end of the season after lots of torture (especially for us) we will see them reunited again. But Eva is nice, simple, friendly and adorable. I would have loved to see her longer than only 4 episodes. She is good to chuck and he really deserves someone like her who makes him happy... at least for a while. I don't like this "if Blair is unhappy chuck hasn't to be neither" - that poor guy went trough a lot and sometimes it was also Blair fault. So don't blame just him, she isn't that much easier to cope.
But at least we can be sure that the Chair-war will be a lot of fun and in a completely new dimension. Not like season 2.
Hopefully it is for a greater good (chair reunion) so we can at least enjoy it without getting a gastric ulcer (metaphorically speaking of course ;-))


chair ftw, bellatrix33 & katela..
u just all put every thought in my head into words..HAHA


yea, blair loves chuck, chuck loves her. but blair doesn't want to love chuck,
she hates the fact that she loves him so much,
she hates herself and what she feels, i think,
because she has standards for herself and about how much pain she can endure,
but in the end, this powerful connection of two similar souls wins out. and chuck LOVES Blair so much! it's just that he's hurt and trying to be different, like everyone else said haha


I completely agree with chair ftw. Blair has always lied to everyone and herself about her feelings for Chuck,
you could see it in her eyes, the pain, that it took her to say it, that she didn't love him anymore,
you could feel her drowning, because she knew that she did she just needed to hurt him, to try to put him behind her, or make him think she has, because she's trying so hard. So, for everyone who says that Blair said she's over him why is she hating on Eva bla bla bla-
Listen, she's always said she doesn't love chuck but her jealousy and anger over the same things as ya'all- Chuck acting like he loves her so quickly, bla bla bla. It hurts her just as much. And Chuck, he's trying to change, but as it shows in the canadian promo, the emotion in his eyes, "you still love me..."
The connection between these two will never change,
It's just that they keep hurting eachother.
But their love, just like they are, is almost impossible to destroy despite all circumstances. It makes for a bitter lovestory, but it's a beautiful one. And,
Chuck isn't in love with Eva, he's in love with this new idea of himself, of his new future, of being a better person and trying to get on with his life- she's just a means, someone who inspires him to do it. He has a connection because she saved his life, but the love part, guys, thats not real. It's blair, and it's always been.
It's just also always been the denial and struggle and eventual surrender to their feelings for eachother.
We're just in the "pain and denial" downcycle.. its all coming around.


I don't like Eva as much as the next Chair fun, but I do get that she saved Chuck's life. I just don't buy her having any part in Chuck being a better man. I think he'd be a better man, with or without her. A near-death experience would've changed Chuck, regardless if Eva, Blair or some random French guy took care of him. And in all honesty, I think Chuck having charity parties and all that is a little forced. It's like, we get it. You want to make up for all the terrible crap you've done. Helping puppies, while noble, isn't going to repair your broken relationships and heal any of the people you've hurt. But I feel like even though he's dressed in a snazzy suit and calling himself Chuck Bass, he isn't REALLY Chuck Bass without a little of the bad in him and it's like this Eva person has completely drained the essence of the Chuck I've come to know and love. As for Blair, I don't care if she said she didn't want to be with him anymore and that she didn't love him. Since season one, she's been in denial. The morning after losing her virginity, her 17th birthday party, the season 2 premiere episode; the list goes on and on. We all know she's a liar. And I think Blair scheming is as natural to her as breathing. Like the post said, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It's a phrase that's lived on through the centuries and why? BECAUSE IT WORKS. So kudos to Blair and I hope Eva leaves soon. The writers have already named an episode after her; it's time to draw the line.

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