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Photos from the Gossip Girl set yesterday hint at a possible romantic reconciliation for a couple that definitely has a romantic history, but is not presently an item. Intrigued yet?

We don't mean to overhype it, and it's far from certain what's going on, but there is likely enough physical contact in the photo we've added to suggest more than friendship to us.

Follow the jump to see, then comment away with your theories ...

Chair Arm-in-Arm

OMFG CHAIR: Could a reunion of Chuck and Blair be right around the corner? What do you think? We know it's not a kiss, but it's something, right (see more pics here)? Right?

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Kimberly anne

As of this point Chuck is pissing off too much with his stupi obession with Eva that I want him to fight for Blair. I don't think she should forgive that easily because of they get together right away, chances are they'll break up before the season breaks for New Year.
And I read someone said something about a maybe Dan/Blair hookup. This is my side that's angry with Chuck talking, because if these two really have to happen, I rather it happen before Blair and Chuck get together. Just so they can be checked off the list of people to hook up. Chuck and Blair reunion should be epic. Everything else should be done before they are together.


As excited as I am for this to be Chuck and Blair, I'll be honest......I was actually hoping (and the first couple that popped in my mind for some reason) was Nate and Jenny. I know, I'd be stupid not to think of Chuck and Blair first, but I actually REALLY liked Nate and Jenny together back in season 2.
I loved how he was always worried about her and protecting her, I'd love to see that reconciled when she returns this season.


Please. Chuck just got shot. He's probably using her as a crutch. As much as I would love a Chair reunion, this picture means nothing to me.


It's DEFINITELY CHAIR. And you know what? They're keeping their relationship a secret............Can't wait!


remembeeer, the scene they shot for the 2nd season finale! maybe they're just trying to deceive


I think it's Chair because it's too scene-ish ... to me it's seems like she hurt her leg or whatever and he's just helping her walk .. neither off them seem really happy ... So I think it's a scene but it's GG so you can't really be sure x)


most probably, they do get back together. There is just too much drama happening in the show right now for them to not! and that czech girl? i don't think so...her roots are so bad and she doesn't have the fashion sense to stay on the upper east side for an entire season. chuck and blair will fall back in love and just around that time...her royal love from Paris will come back to find her....and drama will ensue. All I can actually tell from this picture is that i'm obsessed with blair's outfit, but what else is new?


@ Im Not Chuck bass you better be wrong


If you watch the youtube clip you can see that Blair says to Chuck "stop that, somebody could see us" Look forward to this episode! :)


you've got to be kidding me
this doesnt prove ANYTHING
worst spoiler EVER.

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