Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dair vs. Juliet!

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Dan and Blair may or may not hook up on Gossip Girl. But the Brooklynite and Upper East Sider will definitely team up in the coming weeks, thanks to a mutual adversary.

EW's Michael Ausiello reports today that while rumors of a Dair romance - which have run rampant in our Gossip Girl forum - are still uncertain, they'll be working together.

The goal? Taking down Juliet Sharp, Katie Cassidy's mysterious new character.

Blair and Dan!

What is Juliet up to and how will Dair take her down? Would you like to see a Dan and Blair romance, however briefly, or should Gossip Girl not go there for once? Discuss below!

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no dair! that would be disgusting!


I'm team Chair always
but i would LOVE to see Dair !!!,it would be so cool !!!


like i dont really mind if Blair is dating other guys...but really?DAN! like can she go out with a guy who traits her rigth and than chuck will figth for her and he will propose and she says i do...BUT DAANN?REALLY!! NOT GOING TO HAPPEND!NO NO NO


Chair > best in couple , or almost couple > but absolutely not over each other or friends !


The show isnt going to end because of Dair. But since your so sure it will, at least we'll know it ended with Dair and not Chair.


Could you please repeat that? I didn't quite get what you were trying to say.


Seriously, though, if Dan/Blair do hookup, can Chuck and Nate please have like drunken sex or something? I'd be okay with even just a makeout. It's my ultimate dream sooo if Dair happens Chate better mother effing happen. JS *I blame the person who mentioned Chuck/Nate.. and I'm not even kidding*


I think the writers wouldn't go there for so many (right) reasons, however, I'd also like to see more interaction of these two. I think the only way the writers would actually consider a Dan/Blair hookup if it was only a kind of role-play/setup for Juliet or something...you know, just pretend they have something going on. That would be fun to watch, and also, it'd be totally harmless and everyone could tease them about this endlessly, which would also be pretty fun to watch.
I'd love to see a kind of scheme set up by these two that would envolve some pretend-making out. LOL!


NO NO NO NO!!! They may become a cute couple but i DO NOT want them going out a.)serena and dan? b.)blair and chuck have to be together! c.)really? your going to make blair/leighton go out with all the gossip girl guys, next it will serena and chuck and then the girls have done the rounds, vanessa has. So no "Dair". It would just be stupid!


Blair and Dan? Please. Blair Waldorff does not slum.

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