Grey's Anatomy Season Seven Premiere Pics: "With You I'm Born Again"

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Grey's Anatomy fans have had the summer to process the events from the season six finale, which included an armed gunman almost killing Derek.

When this show returns on September 23, we'll watch as various hospital staff members try to do the same. Will they be able to move on? What will be the consequences of such troubling events? Who will make a dramatic, spontaneous decision that affects all around him? And is THIS really happening for Cristina and Owen?!?

ABC has released a handful of photos from the seventh season premiere, titled "With You I'm Born Again." Browse through them all in our episode gallery and click on the samples below to enlarge...

Owen, Cristina and Meredith
Giving a Hand
Listening to a Speech
Arizona, Callie and Owen
Seriously Troubled Patient
Derek with a Patient
Making a Big Move

[Photos: ABC]

[video url="" title="Season 7 Preview"] [/video]

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Beth, Yep, It's like 1 am now, haha. And I'm suppose to get up in 5 hours, but can't sleep. It's way more fun hanging here and read comments and spoilers 'bout Grey's!


Beth, Aw thx:) I don't totally agree, since it wasn't I who made the work. Shonda and her crew made the video and Sarah Dawn Finer the music, I just put it together, hahaha:) Now I'm jealous, I'm not getting my DVD until November 10th... Thank god for Youtube, haha:) Yeah, I guess you're right. But if english isn't your first language you want to do anything just to learn a new word, or expression or make your self understood. And mabye I'm "blessed" that I live in a country there the people is actually pretty good at english, and that we HAVE to study it in school. So I agree, you should take every chance you have to write!


Lina, Gee, I fogot it was night there! It is amazing how the music synced! :)


Lina, You made ART.


I forgot to mention that Amazon is sending my season 6 DVD on Sept. 14. So, hey, way cool! And you know what? I was reading old posts about the season finale, and I think that anyone who wants to post and whose English is a second language should just go ahead and write. There was a girl from Taiwan who apoligized for her English. Well, those of us who are (some of us) Americans can certainly not speak her language! She's doing better than us!! She should just go ahead and post in my opinion.


@Beth. Thank u so much Beth. Na, it took about 2,5 hours I think. haha. But it was fun. Especially since I got to use Sarah Dawn Finers beautiful song:) Cos' the weird thing is that I added the music after, and not even listening to the lyric first, and then when it actually synced with the video made it ever more fun, haha:) And since I miss all on Grey's SO much it felt a little like there was a little new things i've never seen before. Since you don't really really watch the scenes so cloesly if you don't make a video. And Hopefully U understood some of what I just said, haha. I feel that my english is getting worse the longer I'm up at night;)


The music totally synced with the video. I have no idea how much work it took. Well, I used to do some digital editing of still photos, but, it is nothing like video. Beautiful job, beautiful music! Great job! Once again: YAY!


@Beth, thx:) I agree, that's why I like Youtube so much. You can watch every scene over and over again. And see if you missed any facial expression that could be good too see. This is my first video ever, so Hopefully the next one gets a little better. And I thought the music was kinda suitible for this one, but I didn't realise it until I've put the music on and heard how the lyrics actuallt fitted in sometimes in the vid. Anyways, 14 days to go, and then a review!! yay!


Hey! YAY!
You know when you are watching the show, or at least when I'm watching the show, I don't always see the nuances, but this video shows every detail of their feelings. It is just super. I think this is one reason I like to view scenes again. I miss a lot of really awesome little sexy details. :)


Hey! YAY!

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