How Will Meredith React to Grey's Anatomy Wedding?

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On the heels of yesterday's major Grey's Anatomy spoiler lie many additional questions. Chiefly, how will Meredith Grey react to this surprising Cristina-Owen news?

Let's just say she isn't exactly over the moon.


The concerned friend and would-be bride. [Photo: ABC]

"Meredith is worried that Cristina is getting married for the wrong reasons," Ellen Pompeo tells TV Guide, nothing that Cristina's "still traumatized after [the shooting]."

Pompeo worries about Cristina's impulsive move: "She's rushing into marriage, which does not seem like the right move. It's not that she doesn't want her with Owen ... There's just a little too much change there and Meredith is worried about Cristina's stability."

What about you? Think Owenstina is making the right move?

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psyisnotcrap, I was just kidding around. I get your point. And I love your screenname. I really liked Dr. Wyatt. I mean I know the psychologist they're bringing in is supposed to specialize in PTS, but Dr. Wyatt could've done it. I really like the actress playing Dr. Wyatt, although right at this second her name is escaping me. Doh!


This is off topic but if anyone will appreciate it, y'all will. Amazon is sending my DVD of Season Six on September 14. YAY! So, the plan is to watch it all in preparation for the new season. Yes, I know, I'm a freak of nature with no life, right? :)


There's a credit for the actress playing Owen's mom in the first episode


oh, come on - there's always divorce:)


@ MerDer4EveR: You are absolutely right! Meridith has a responsibility as well as a right to tell what's apparent to her person- Cristina! I loved Meredith (I do love her since season 1 but my Love for her increased by leaps and bounds) when she told Owen in season 6 that She and Cristina are a team.. and he shouldn't mess with her!


Cris had real issues with her last wedding not being her low key, her wanting no veil, and a wedding at city hall. I've just read it's at Mer's house and low key. I think Der will be the best man, again! But he'll not have issues about sneaking away with the maid of honour this time. But the test of Cris nad Owen will be how well they adjust to being married. I think MerDer's marriage is solid. I can see the 'what's the point in waiting' for Cris and Owen. They do love each other,but how ambitious is Cris now with her career?


Shonda and her ideas,Cri finds the time for to engage and get
married with a simply stand on ceremony in the Mer's living-room, while Mer and Der don't find the time to make official their marriage.Shonda speaks still on Mer and no-big-dress,when the fans asked only a legal wedding...Cri that isn't to want marry she does it ...


I agree with everything you said anuflas. The Mer hate is ridiculous. Thank god Cris has Mer as her friend. I would want her as my friend too. She cares for her and only wants the best for her. Hey.. everyone forget when Cris got in between MerDer ? And the moving together won't last in the S5 premiere etcc..?


I don't understand the hate for Meredith either. Really. If anyone is having some sense in the entire situation is her. Cristina has a breakdown of PTSD and she decides to get married? And the worst part is that Owen, knowing what PTSD can be, lets it happen? Good to know that at least Meredith cares for Cristina. @Aries93, Bitter much? There's a solution for all of those issues. Had Derek died in the shooting (there's your life threatening situation), Mer could've been the sole beneficiary to his state and finance had he stated that in his will. No marriage license needed for that. Also, if MD filed for Domestic Partnership (legal in Washington and can apply by mail), they have all legal issues covered as a valid legal marriage has. If not, that's what lawyers are for. Derek can state that Mer has his absolute POA. And vice versa. Problem solved for legal issues including health care decisions. See? The post it may not be legal, but their marriage certainly is/can be. The only thing is that they can't file for joint taxes but hell, I just read that even that is starting to have a solution for.


At least Mer has some sense!

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