Mad Men Clip: "The Beautiful Girls"

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A week after Don Draper appeared to finally evolve as a father (and human being in general, really), AMC airs a new Mad Men episode on Sunday.

Titled "The Beautiful Girls," this is the only teaser the network has revealed so far: Peggy receives a romantic gift that could compromise her career.

That doesn't reveal much, but at least you can check out a sneak peek at the episode below. It features our favorite copy writer and her gal pal:

[video url="" title="The Beautiful Girls Clip"][/video]

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Mad Men Quotes

It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Don: You have a foul mouth. Take responsibility for your failure. That account was handed to you and you made nothing of it because you have no character.
Mathis: You don't have any character. You're just handsome. Stop kidding yourself!
Don: Everybody has problems. Some people can handle them and some people can't. Look at yourself because the next thing you're going to have to move past is losing this job. You're fired.