NCIS Spoilers: The Return of Eli David

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In typical fashion, NCIS hinted briefly on this week's season premiere at a major, future story arc that had nothing to do with the plot unfolding Tuesday: The return of Eli David.

According to Entertainment Weekly, in November, Ziva comes face-to-face with her dad for the first time since her return from Israel. Executive producer Shane Brennan says:

“It’s an emotionally-charged reunion [with Ziva] in a two-part episode that also reveals much about the enigmatic Eli David and one of the other team members.”

That's gotta be Vance, right?

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What do you think brings about Ziva's father's return? Who or what did he find, as his message on Vance's phone cryptically teased? Share your theories with us below.

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Don't know about you guys, but I MISS KATE... I WILL MISS HER UNTIL THE SERIES ENDS... Ziva is good, but Kate + Ziva would have been fantastic


I love it when Eli's on, it adds a whole new dimension. I hope he brings his #1 officer with him, Officer Amit Hadar. LOVE ARNOLD VOSLOO.


I hate micheal and we all know he is dead which is a good thing. I think it is the person who killed ziva's sister


the document that Vance shredded was a forged job recommendation paper for him.


What about DiNozzo's father? DiNozzo received a message from his father in the middle of the episode asking jr for help.


We did see Michael's body on Ducky's autopsy table though so for those who think it's Michael it isn't. I won't say who I think it might be but they are connected to NCIS so just think about it. But, Michael is definitely dead because Ziva saw him on the table.


I think the him also refers to the person who killed Ziva's sister. I remember Vance asking Eli what sort of assignment Michael had been working on, and Eli says something vague about Michael getting someone who taken one of Eli's people out. Later that episode Eli yells at Ziva, demanding that she return to finish what Michael started, or something of a similar nature. Maybe both Michael and Ziva had someone close to them killed by this person, thus partly explaining their close connection? Really hope that plot line gets resolved. Sort of left hanging by it.


Does anyone know after Vance put the file back at the end of the show on the season primere. Who was he getting a phone call from? I missed what the dell phone ID said. The last time they showed a cell phone screen was when the replacement in Gibbs team from the season before shot here fellow agent in the records room.


I mostly agree with viper28k. I also felt there was a double meaning when Tony & ziva said I'm tired of pretending and I would love to see them married--after all that wouldn't be dating a coworker as Gibbs rule says & I think they love & need each other. I also think the "him" referred to is someone from Vance's past. I just hope that it's not Micheal-Ziva"s boyfriend, because we didn't actually see him die and that would be a good cover for him as a spy, but would complicate things terribly with Tony.


everything starts with this: "I FOUND HIM!" who the hell is HIM? and why was eli david calling vance in his office. i love the premiere though i hate the cliffhanger! they added more questions that is still lingering ever since the finale of season 6 til now. i can list all the questions now but it will be too many.

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