NCIS Spoilers: The Return of Eli David

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In typical fashion, NCIS hinted briefly on this week's season premiere at a major, future story arc that had nothing to do with the plot unfolding Tuesday: The return of Eli David.

According to Entertainment Weekly, in November, Ziva comes face-to-face with her dad for the first time since her return from Israel. Executive producer Shane Brennan says:

“It’s an emotionally-charged reunion [with Ziva] in a two-part episode that also reveals much about the enigmatic Eli David and one of the other team members.”

That's gotta be Vance, right?

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What do you think brings about Ziva's father's return? Who or what did he find, as his message on Vance's phone cryptically teased? Share your theories with us below.

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I wonder if these person is the one that kill Ziva sister


What about Jen's Dad, since we have had conflicting views on whether he is even dead (the ex-KGB guy in Paris telling Jen that her dad had "stood right there" long after he was alleged to have killed himself, not to mention the fingerprint evidence on the bottle)? We still don't know who was playing who between Jen's dad and La Grenouille ...


Tony also got a message from his Dad about "his situation" remember the meeting with the Saudi King! Is "him" Tony's dad!!!


Everytime Eli David Gets involved in the storyline Ziva almost dies, so i really didnt like seeing that text message from him in the premiere. i had been hoping he was done trying to kill his own daughter and would be left out of the storyline now that NCIS rescued her, she came back to the USA, became a citizen of the USA and officially became an NCIS Agent. I'm also wondering what box the murder file involving Gibbs was placed in, i'm still wondering what the document was that Vance Shredded and the Secretary pulled out of the CIA file on Vance and said "i thought we shredded all these, good thing you didnt read this" to Gibbs, and i'm still wondering when abby and mcgee will get to get together to stay (finally) instead of off-on, and when Tony will wake up and realize that when Ziva said she was tired of pretending she didnt mean about the mission when they were trying to catch Agent Lee, that she meant she was tired of pretending there wasn't feelings between her and Tony. At first i was upset that after Kate Died Ziva suddenly became a love interest as if they were trying to replace Kate & Tony with Ziva & Tony right from the get-go, but Ziva amazingly keeps helping Tony mature and grow up and she seems to genuinely love him but he seems not to notice most of the time. ive came around to the idea of them having a relationship, its been long enough and enough playing around they should have one now, and hopefully they both finally find true love with each other... seeing as how Tony has had several crazy people in his life, went through his wild phase already, fell in love with jean, and was sorta falling for cassidy but then she died saving the team, and was no longer being a childish jerk to Kate and seemed to be started to fall for her when Ari killed her and seeing as how Ziva had the boyfriend Tony had to kill, and fell in love with the man who had radiation poisioning, and has had several other crazies/bad people in her life... its time they found true love and hopefully with each other i think.


All I know is at my house, the show was being watched in two different rooms and a chorus of yells were heard at the very end of the episode..."Whose HIM?!!!!" Best guess I have heard is the person Cryer was trying to contact on the Damocles.


Well, we have Vance shredding a document when he first came on the scene, maybe that was about someone or something he did that was a "lose end". Eli David is a mystery, he seems to love Ziva, but is also willing to sacrifice her. She is the last of his children, so that is pretty cold even for a master politico-spy-master. Who is from Vance's past needs such secrecy from in-house NCIS help. Vance plays things close to his breast and very quiet. Hmmm...

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McGee: Rule number 70 - keep digging till you hit bottom.
Abby: McGee! There is no rule 70.
McGee: Well, I--
Abby: You just made up a rule. This McGibbs thing has really gone to your head. I don't even recognize you right now.

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