Private Practice Season Premiere Review: "Take Two"

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"Take Two." The title of last night's fourth season premiere of Private Practice says it all. We all want a do-over, a chance to make things right the second time around.

From the patients to the doctors themselves, everyone got it. The road won't be any easier this time, but perhaps with a fresh start, the end result will be more rewarding.

The opening of "Take Two" found the team mourning Dell's death. Pete and Violet are taking a HUGE step when it comes to second chances - they're getting married!

Runaway Bride

VIOLET BOLTS: Fortunately, she and Pete did tie the knot after she came back.

Like on Grey's Anatomy, we pick up in the aftermath of a shocking season finale last May and things are out of sorts. Sam and Addison don’t look very together, for one.

Naomi isn’t with Fife either, and Dink isn't with his kid. Which is, in part, Naomi's fault. She keeps pushing him away. Sam decided to teach him a lesson through sports.

Playing one-on-one basketball, Sam starts hacking the crap out of his sort-of son-in-law, and when Dink pushes back, Sam says to take that mentality with Naomi too.

Basketball. A metaphor for life.

The night's patients also reflected the blatantly obvious, vintage Shonda Rhimes symbolism of redemption. A kidney transplant patient, Ryan, begs his brother, whom he has wronged, for an organ - and a chance to make things right. Emotional stuff.

Ryan's body rejects the kidney, but his brother, Kevin, did not reject his pleas for forgiveness. He says he'll tell their parents what Kevin did in heaven. Is it dusty in here? Meanwhile, Naomi and Sheldon help a couple who want to have a child via surrogate.

The problem? Addison recognizes the prospective dad, who unintentionally left his first child in the car on a hot day, killing him. He wants to try again, and after much hesitation, Addison believes in second chances enough to help the couple give it a try.

On Pete and Violet’s wedding day, emotions are running high.

Then Violet is running, literally, in the other direction. Despite her fears, and Pete's own major insecurities about being a failure at marriage, he does what no words can - looks at her with reassurance and all the love and tenderness in the world. What a moment.

Cooper and Charlotte, whose ongoing drama took a back seat this week, decide to have both a pastor and a rabbi at their own wedding. Sheldon drinks his single woes away, while Addison wonders, aloud, if people do things better the second time around. Deep.

Sam says he hopes so. While in a bubble bath with her, BTW.

This premiere, while overly sappy at times, was definitely solid and set the stage for what could be a great fourth season. We look forward to seeing these stories fleshed out.

What did you think of the Private Practice season premiere? Do Addy and Sam have a shot? Will Pete and Violet last? What was your favorite scene? Discuss!


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wow i don't know if i watched the same episode this review is describing, because that was the lamest episode ever. a light went up in my head and i realized this series no longer has any redeeming quality for me. there used to be this light at the end of the long, dragging, dramatic tunnel of PP, that Addison will find her happily ever after; but with this Sam thing going on in Season 4, i don't think there will be anything more to look forward to on this show. it's pathetic that there are no other men out there for Addison. it's a tV show. Lazy writers can't even write a new guy for her and instead create this unnecessary drama between best friends. Like what Ella has said, all i want for Addison is a healthy relationship with a good guy. Sam is not only Addison's best friend's ex, he is also the father of Addison's god-daughter. Were Addison anyone but Addison, the proper term for her would be b*tch. One would think that a double-board certified surgeon who deals with ethical dilemmas at work on a day-to-day basis would have no trouble seeing how wrong being with her best friend's ex is. How disappointing that a truly likable character has become someone so despicable. We may never know for sure what the general consensus about Addison-Sam is. But I am one sorely disappointed fan, and I know I am not alone. Let me just say I never dreamed I'd let an episode of PP pass me by. But at this rate I would rather miss watching an entire season if it meant sparing myself from scenes with Addison-sam ogling each other, or being in the same bathtub. CRINGE. If this season is all about Addison-Sam and their love affair since med school or whatever crap Shonda is going to pitch in with the next few episodes.. I won't be surprised. But that'll get me to really stop watching. Finally I'll be free from the curse of watching any crap shondaland is behind.


I must say I loved the dynamics between Addie and Amelia - now that cigarette scene was awesome! And I found Cooper kinda annoying in this episode too. Though I don't really see him and Violet turn out to be Izzie/George...ugh, that brought back some nasty memories...


@ella neither the "annoying fangirls" or you can determine whether or not the collective "we" likes AddiSam. It's a bunch of individual opinions and unless the whole demographic is polled on their shipping preferences there is no way of knowing whether the majority or not likes the ship.


This season premiere wasn't the best but it was still good, I loved the brothers' storyline.
Addie and Sam together is the worst thing ever. Why did Shonda do that to Addie and pp? Pairing her with her best friend's ex-husband? I hope the show won't suffer too much because of it because it seems that most pp fans don't like them together. We want Addie to be in a healthy relationship and being with Sam isn't. Hopefully people are still going to watch, it saddens me when I see Kate saying how happy she is that fans like Addie/Sam together, we don't, only a few very annoying fangirls do and we all know that this kind of fans always ruin tv shows, House, X-Files etc... I love Kate Walsh and I like pp, I will keep on watching definitely and I will pray that this season is a success because I really want for it to have a fifth season. Kate deserves it, she's a fantastic and beautiful actress.


i'm liking this show less and less for sometime now and i think my interest has finally died because of this episode. when PP first started, it was quirky and funny and the attraction between pete and adie seemed exciting. not to mention a talking elevator and young boy toy...the show was fun to watch...but now, it's just sad.i feel depress after watching the show which isn't what i want when i just want to be entertained...i say scrap PP and bring adie back to greys!


Loved it, and I loved Addison telling Amelia to go to Seattle, I loved how she snatches the cigarettes from Amelia. And I love the fact that both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice both had weddings in the premiere, both as beautiful as each other, and they were so simplistic, and romantic. See you don't have to have a big church wedding to get married. And I loved Sam and Addison in the bath together. And I loved how Sam gave Dink parenting advice and how to stand up to Naomi, 2 thumbs up Sam. Can't wait til next week.


ooops, this might be spoilers for someone, sorry.


I also disagree about Cooper and Violet! Shonda sais she loves Cooper and Charlotte together! And that they will stick and will marry. The promos are usually misleading, nothing more.


I loved this epsiode...I sooo want pete and violet to last! and I disagree with the thoughts that it'll turn out like izzie and george, besides, izzie still went back to alex. Cooper and Violet at best friends, is that not allowed now? So he walks in on them, that doesn't mean anything. We already know that Violet doesn't think of Cooper in that way, and yeh, he did once upon a time but not anymore. Besides, its a medical drama, the personal relationships shouldn't really matter that much, but I love the fact they do, as it adds depth to the characters. I think they should put the majority of the people with who they love, and then have a couple of "singles"...although, I don't think there was one on greys really :/ although, baileys never slept around has she!?!?!? anyway - I think Violet and Pete are like the Meredith and Derek of PP :D pete failed at a marriage before, so did Derek (Sort of) they're perfect for each other, and have been through so much together! I hope they don't make them go through TOO much more. and I hope the tragedy isn't to do with them either :/ :( anyway...LOVED the scene between Violet and Pete before they walked back down the aisle together. oh, and the addison sheldon scene. Sheldons growing on me, but I'm still SUPER glad that he and Violet didn't end up together! I'm glad dink stood up to Naomi aswell, he showed her he was a man, not a boy :D LOVE


It was an okay episode.
I really liked Sam's scenes with Dink and I liked him working on the case with Charlotte. I also enjoyed Amelia and Sheldon. Very glad they made them regulars. Cooper was annoying and so was Violet. I don't think Pete and Violet will last. I wanted the bathtub scene to be longer. But hopefully there will be more Addie and Sam in the next episode.

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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Charlotte: Anything else you need to do for your special friend tonight, or are you off the clock?
Cooper: You're an idiot. I love you, but... idiot all the time. I mean, how can you be jealous of me and Violet? She's... we're... you... She's Violet.
Charlotte: I'm not jealous of you and Violet. I'm jealous of me and you. You're all up in Violet's wedding, and you and I can't even agree on pastor versus rabbi.
Cooper: Okay. Pastor and rabbi. Idiot.
Charlotte: There's a storage shed near the back.
Cooper: I've never done it in a room that smells of compost.
Charlotte: Well, there's a first time for everything.

Pete: I know how much you wanted things to work out with Sam. And I was hoping they would, too, especially given me and Violet. It would've been... nice.
Addison: Yeah. Would've been nice.
Pete: If you ever want to talk...
Addison: Talking to you... about what happened between me and Sam? I'd rather think about dead babies but... thank you.