Private Practice Wedding Photos: Season Premiere First Look!

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Major Private Practice spoiler alert: season four will kick off with a wedding.

Asked where these surprising nuptials come from, cast member Tim Daly joked (we think) with Entertainment Weekly: ''It comes out of some intense sex. Violet's really floating his boat, and Pete's like, 'Will you marry me?'''

Despite what one photo below implies, (Private Practive spoiler alert number-two!) Violet and Pete do, indeed, walk down the aisle together.

The event takes place on the September 23 premiere, which TV Fanatic will cover in-depth. For now, feast your eyes on a trio of pictures from the event and talk about it with fellow fans: Are you excited for this wedding?

Wedding Smooch
Runaway Bride
Season Four Premiere Pic

[Source: EW]

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If you ask me it looks like Cooper is also about to run after her...


Maby violet is running away because she really really needs to pee! it could happen :D


very excited. but i wonder how the "running" will turn out.


Ugh sooo not excited for Violet and Pete!


@Jessica Mena how can Pete and Addison have been "the best"? They were both in love with other people, and were pretty open and honest about that with each other, yet still they tried to force a relationship with each other? I'm relieved that nightmare's over.


i hate violet and petee!!!!! they are the worst couple
addison and pete were the best


@smileyglen Cooper stands next to Pete!! How she could run to Cooper then?? Use logic!


Yeah, it looks like Violet is running away from Pete not to him, maybe she's running to Cooper so he can walk her down the aisle? Looking forward to the wedding.


excited or not, violet seems to be going the wrong way though:)


Is V running away from the scene?

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