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Rachel Nichols has signed on for a multi-episode story arc on Criminal Minds later this season. Might she be a permanent replacement for A.J. Cook, who bids farewell this evening?

It doesn't look like it. Criminal Minds had planned to add a new female regular cast member in the wake of the Cook's departure. That still may be true, but it won't be Rachel.

The character Nichols will play, FBI cadet Ashley Seager, was originally envisioned as a new regular, but that changed, and Nichols will now appear in three episodes, reports say.

Rachel Nichols Pic

Rachel Nichols of Star Trek and Alias fame.

The premise for her arrival? Seager is invited by Hotch (Thomas Gibson) to consult on a case after learning her family history will bring a unique insight into the mind of a serial killer.

It will be interesting to see how the show handles JJ's exit and who fills the void left by her departure. Will Morgan be developed more, for example, or will a newcomer be cast?

In any case, Cook will be missed. She was terrific in last week's season premiere, and this evening's episode, fittingly titled "J.J.," looks like it will be a powerful one as well.

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JJ was the heart of the show and seriously, it's a crime to replace her. One episode is not enough time to mend the pain her loss caused! And who the hell is CBS kidding, choosing to replace her with a near-identical actress? Way to twist the knife, you bastards. >(


This is a joke. honestly the girl looks like aj and like come on!! how can you do that. messing up something that was perfect is so stupid. bring AJ back. NOW.


It's sad that JJ has to go, after being a great part of Criminal Minds. I will miss her, especially her sensitive side & caring nature. But sometimes, even great things must come to an end. Life has to move on. I thank JJ for bringing life to the BAU team. If I have a choice, I chose to let JJ stay. I'm just glad that the other profilers are still intact. Most especially SSA Hotch. And for the guys behind Criminal minds, stay focus, work hard, and next time...make a better decision.


I wonder who the A-hole was that decided to breakup the perfect family of cast members. Losing JJ is like a fish with no water. It can't swim. Bring her back before you start to drown.


So let's take a major character off the show. Now let's get someone else to take her place.Now let's see how fast our rating's go done once people stop watching.I watched JJ's last episode and haven't watched it since.I understood why Mandy Patinkin went off the show ( It was his choice. But to take someone off because of budget cuts and then turn around and say your going to replace her character. CBS what is wrong with you?


CBS has a habit of replacing caucasian stars with blacks...here we go again. Look at NCIS, CSI, Cold Case, Numb3rs, and others!


What is CBS thinking?? If it's not broken, you don't try to fix it. Criminal Minds is wonderful the way it was. I certainly hope that they take the option to bring her back since they left a possibility on the show.


When a great character departs, I always check to see the reason behind such a move. How often do TV characters get smoke blown... by agents who tell them they are so great they can do better? Ask David Caruso. So this isn't the actor's choice. This time the network shows why it can't remain in the top slot by taking a strong rating grabber and messing with it. The ONLY way to let this group of idiots know that they are mindless twits is to stop watching the show, to let the sponsors know that because they still buy time, you will go out of your way to NOT purchase their products. It has worked in the past - it is the only way to get the network's attention. Money talks - not quality. I have watched my last episode and removed it from my DVR line up.


I've never ever posted before but just had to say something. What were you guys thinking taking JJ off the show?!? Whatever the politics are, straighten them out. Why mess with a good thing?


Losing JJ is like losing a family member. The show will not be the same without her. The cast of Crimninal minds have great chemistry together. Splitting them up is a mistake. Bring her back.

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