Rubicon Review: "No Honesty in Men"

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Relationships with women took center stage on Rubicon this week.

Grant faced mounting pressure in his marriage, Miles faced Julia at work... and Will faced a new woman in bed, as well as inside his secret, dangerous life. The resulting episode was one that brought certain storylines together, but kept viewers at the edge of whatever conspiracy is at work.

We got a pay-off to the mysterious shots of Andy looking into Will's window on "No Honesty in Men," and the Tom/Katherine Rhumer angle is starting to intersect with Will and API - but, as usual on Rubicon, little actual progress was made.

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The show is content to just let fans be a part of this unique world each week. Little by little, the murder of David and related machinations behind the scenes at API might be touched upon, but Rubicon is more a show about conflicted characters than it is a taut, edge-of-your-seat drama.

On this episode, Will had to choose between saving his own life (and learning more about the people after him on this episode) and getting close to a woman for the first time since his wife died. (Let's just hope no one told poor Maggie about Will and Andy's bedroom romps).

Assuming Will does survive the conspiracy, he'll be affected for a long time by the decisions he was forced to make while solving it.

Grant, meanwhile, must choose between the well-being of his family and the importance of his work. As we've seen throughout this season, though, this work enacts a serious personal toll on all who take it on - and it's not even clear if it's being done in the name of national security, or Spangler's interests, or if these are one and the same. That's the mystery floating above everything we watch.

A few notes/observations:

  • Spangler even makes cereal eating into a shady act.
  • It says a lot about each of their characters that Miles gets more flustered asking Julia out than Will gets explaining his true reason for showing up at her apartment to Andy.
  • Someone near to someone else is gonna die before the season is through, I can feel it. Will it be Andy, Julia or maybe even Kale's boyfriend?
  • If Truxton Spangler ever showed up at my house at 6 a.m., I'd move the next day.


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I agree with Visconti. This episode was pretty far out. Didn't it occur to Will that that slut in the next building was working for them, whoever THEY are? And why hasn't Will bitch-slapped Kale? Really?And all this effort to determine how much Will knows of the Truth. If the truth is so awful, and acquiring this knowledge is such a risk to whomever, Will would have been 'offed' long ago. It's kind of hard to overlook such neglect of this common sense when the viewer has to absorb so much of whatever else is going on besides, which, in itself could be duplicitous. Thank God for the synopsis of these episodes, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue! And I don't get all this praise for this series! What do THEY know? Maybe I'm stupid. But it's TV right? And Visconti is right! I'm waiting for Miles to have a complete carried-out-from-the-building-in-a-strait-jacket-meltdown! He's the best thing in the series and it's a good thing to see this actor carrying on the family tradition.


I think I found a pattern. It's really ha-a-a-r-r-rd. But to whose best interest does the TRUTH serve? Right? Evil, evidently. A truth which API brass acknowledges, but Will is on to something which may implicate their duplicity should he discover the TRUTH? Me thinks he would have been done away with long beforehand. Anyways, thus far, why hasn't Will bitch-slapped Kale yet? And in this episode, Will busts a bug and that night shacks up with the woman across from his apartment building so he can see who, seated visibly at a table in front of his own apartment window, will repair said single bug when his place is literally crawling with them! It's not to be believed! And this woman didn't lock her front door, nor did Will bother to close it behind him either before a jump in the sac during which time, important documents could have been stolen. Bad editing. But the actor portraying Miles, Jon Ritter's cousin, is loopy fun!

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