The Big C Review: "Taking Lumps"

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The Big C traded in humor for plot movement this week. Dark plot movement, that is.

The Showtime series typically recycles the same theme each week: See Cathy show off her new attitude on life. See Cathy do something unusual and surprising to those around her. See Cathy continue to hide her cancer diagnosis from those around her.

But "Taking Lumps" showed Cathy actually taking action... with consequences that left her more alone than ever by episode's end.

Fun in the Kitchen

It was refreshing to hear Cathy acknowledge that she's been pretty bad person over the last few weeks. It was even more refreshing to see her attempt to mend things with Paul, as that's the best thing she could for for Adam and her family, even if she truly has fallen out of love with the man.

While many viewers may be pissed at Cathy for how hypocritically she responded to Paul's hand job admission (over the pants hand job, that is. Big difference!), I found it to be her most realistic reaction in weeks.

We've all been there, haven't we? We can justify certain actions in our heads, which causes us to react in an unfair, harsh manner upon first hearing certain pieces of news... even when we're in no position whatsoever to judge them. I bought Cathy's disdain for Paul's actions with the rugby slut, and can only hope she continues to evolve next week by finally being honest with him herself.

As for other developments...

  • I fully expected Andrea to tell Adam all about Cathy and the janitor. Kudos to her for thinking better of it, though the spray-painted message across his mural will quickly be traced back to her. The truth may still come out at some point.
  • What janitor drives a BMW?!? Will we also learn more about this artist in the near future? Is he hiding something, aside from a giant unit?
  • Note to self: engage in more rear-end high fives. They look like fun.
  • Marlene didn't show up at Cathy's procedure, and that was a shot of a shoe in the fridge, right? Is this hinting at signs of Alzheimer'sfor her?

Overall, one of the least funny episode was one of the best of the season. It pushed things forward and left us with an impression of Cathy as a woman that has far more problems than she typically lets on. What did you think?


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