The Event Review: "To Keep Us Safe"

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My feelings for The Event did not change from its opening episode through its follow-up: I really like this new drama.

It was nice that the writers showed us within the first 45 seconds where the plane disappeared to in "To Keep Us Safe," and within the hour we found out that the prisoners at Mount Inostranka Detention Facility are not human, but instead are aliens.

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Oh, how I love me some good ol' alien TV shows! I've always been a huge fan of 4400, along with the the current remake of the miniseries V, so The Event is right up my alley!

What makes this show different is the fact that half of the aliens that landed here have been trapped in the detention facility for over sixty years. Sophia stated to the President that her people can't wait any longer. They have been patient enough and want out. What do you think this could entail?

I love that Agent Lee is one of them. I knew by the way he would meet with Sophia that there was more to him than his strikingly handsome good looks, but I would have never expected him to be one of them. How clever was he when the lady was taking his fake blood? Who knew you could even put a fake line of blood under the skin like that? I have to admit it was kinda gross watching him pull it out of his arm.

We also learned more about Vicky. The party girl from the cruise is not just a party girl but is working with the people that kidnapped Leila. Why do you think they chose Michael Buchanan out of anyone to fly that plane? Do you think that he has connections to these people... or, even better, is an alien?

I feel so bad for Sean! He seems like a typical guy that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who knows? Maybe Leila knows more about all of this than she's letting on. Something just doesn't sit well with me and this situation. Hopefully, Sean will escape before they send him to prison for a murder he did not commit!

Whoever these people are, they did not want any one to find out that we have aliens living among us. So much so that they tried to attack the President to divert attention. It worked enough for the President to not go through with the press conference once he realized that Sophia had been lying to them all about how many aliens survived the crash.

Elsewhere, Thomas is a new and very interesting character. He is an alien that lead the others into hiding and, from the looks of it, could be a potential love interest of Sophia's. Something tells me that he is up to no good and is sick and tired playing by human rules.

So the episode ended with Agent Lee being in charge of finding the rogue aliens (go figure, right!?) and going to the scene of the plane crash to find all the people dead outside the plane. Who do you think did this?

Like I said before, I am really loving this show! What did you think of last night's episode? Love it or hate is, let us know!

Until next week, here are a few of The Event quotes from last night:

Blake: Do whatever you have to, to find them. | permalink
Sophia: What I can tell you is that we mean you no harm. | permalink
Thomas: What about you?
Sophia: I can't abandon them. Unless you go there's no hope for any of us. | permalink
Martinez: Why are we holding them?
Blake: Excuse me Mr. President?
Martinez: Why are we holding them?
Blake: We're holding them because they refuse to tell us the truth about who they really are, why they are really here or what they really want. They have a hidden agenda, I know it in my bones. | permalink
Martinez: Right now I'm less concerned with who's trying to kill us than who saved us. | permalink


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I KNEW it! They brought back to life!!! I wish I didn't know it, but I did. Now I am certain they are us from the future, but then again, i could be wrong LOL!


never mind that not one of the flashbacks give us more information then we know from the dialogue...tell me, was it important to place db sweeny on both the ship and where the gf are? did we even need the scene where daddy pilot discovers his daughters are hostages? i mean, he tells facial hair boy everything did we need to know how the lovebirds met? oh, and why is facial hair boy allowed to take control on the one has died...yet we only see one flight attendant and she is in a panic and im sorry, but agent lee (who we last saw screaming at a plane) being one of the aliens (or whatever) was more than obvious....what would have been cool was if the head of the cia was a whatever and facial hair boy jabbering away in the back of the fbi car...i was waiting for one of them to shoot him just to shut him up.... dear john ritter....please come back from the dead and slap your son silly for taking this gig....thank you and are some trippy aliens who are able to create a worm whole, but for 66 years havent figured out how to release their friends? this is like the professor on giligans island makeing all these great gadgets but having no clue how to build a friggin boat. my prediction...the show lost almost 20 percent of its viewership in one week....will lose more next week...canceled by month 2


this has the potential to be something great.
@Mrs. Northman, Sophia's possible love interest,Thomas, he said thaty since they (being the aliens) saved those on the plane, that they should at least "use" them. It is my belief that this guy Thomas is a bad egg.
Sure he hasn't seen his "girl" in sixty plus years, but from the way agent Lee was speaking, it doesn't seem like Sophia wanted them dead. I say it again, Thomas is a bad egg. Also, the guy who plays the dude who gave agent lee his orders...he is a bad guy on almost every show he has been on (most recently Heroes season 3) I understand that this actor can play "evil" quite well, but come on...if he is as half as predictable as he was in heroes, he is going to be a source of pain to watch. Poor Sean, for a moment, it looked to me like the female fbi agent was going to believe him about his loosing his girlfriend.
Which brings me to Leila, I have to agree with @Mrs. Northman on this, I think it would be interesting to have Leila's father been one of those who got away from Sophia's group and went into hiding (obviously) and started a family and Leila and her sister are some sort of weird "half-breed" of alien. Maybe that's why she couldn't swim, it is a part of her alien side. Or maybe she is flat human and never bothered to learn to swim. (that right there would take all the fun out of any possible twists that could happen.) I am liking the show and am very eager for Monday to come back around so I can see the next episode.


Possible Spoiler follows-Only my "possible" deductions: I really do enjoy the Ev3nt. I would hate to lose it, because tv needs at least one Fall Season Network SciFi other than Fringe. My take: I'm still not convinced the detainees are actually aliens. The writers are pushing us that way and the detainees probably are aliens, but at the same time they just maybe us from the future farther up the evolutionary ladder. I felt a "brick to the head" foreshadowing when they were discussing the difference in DNA and then compared it to our differences with chimpanzees. Then again, the plot's subjects could be exactly what the writers have already plainly explained and I could be over complicating. But isn't a show like this suppose to be over complicated? I don't know, it just seems too easy for this type of SciFi show to be just clear cut "aliens." Sophia comes off more "evolved" but also extremely compassionate to humans. Also the plane disappearing at the end of the first episode left me at least with very little doubt of where the writers were at least "trying" to take us or should I say mislead us. Also was it just me, or was that a black hole they manipulated to stop the plane? Black hole equals not only space travel but time travel. It also could mean alternate universes, but I think that that wouldn't explain the difference in genetics and would be too much like Fringe. They also killed everyone to make a point. Could be because of alien anger and invasion or the agenda could be the world's future, hence traveling back in time. Time travel seems to much more true to point due to the caginess of what the detainees are or are not allowed to share with everyone else. There's that whole problematic issue with paradoxes and changing the detainees future entirely instead of more importantly saving it. Then again, if they were worried about paradoxes they wouldn't have killed everyone on board the plane. Thus I guess it is keeping me still guessing in some important respects, which means the show can definitely grow. I must say that I am quite disappointed that I knew from the very first conversation Agent Lee had with Sophia that he was one of them and a sleeper. Plus it was also very obvious that the tourist couple who met Sean and Leila on the cruise had sinister intent from the get-go. Even the ending conversation of episode 2 Agent Lee and Clifton Collins Jr.'s character, I was hoping for some sort of a surprise but sadly the obvious foreshadowing that some of the "others" are becoming impatient led to a show of life and death force/power that although they saved the passengers they can also just as easily sadly but predictably kill them, as well. Now the question is, do they have the ability to bring them back to life? Now that would be interesting. Unfortunately, a number of the plot-lines the Ev3nt writers are creating are just way too obvious. They are jumping all over the place with flashbacks etc. at an alarming rate trying to make it complicated which is instead making The Ev3nt more confusing also at the expense of making the important stuff too obvious long before you are suppose to realize the writer's intentions. Although it is annoying when they let something play out too long, for me it is even more annoying when the actors and writers are playing the obvious to easily. There needs to be a happy medium for this show to last, which although it seems contrary to what I have written, I'd really like to see this happen. I want the Ev3nt to find a steady audience (ratings were sadly down quite a bit on the 2nd episode), last a respectable amount of time to become invested in without the network yanking it and not fizzle out before it has even begun. Let me end this with a partial high note by stating the obvious myself, The Ev3nt has a stellar and extremely likeable cast. I love Jason Ritter, Laura Innes, Blair Underwood, Ian Anthony Lee, Zeljko Ivanek, Clifton Collins Jr., and Scott Patterson (I so hope he isn't dead) are among the few. The problems seem more in the supporting actors being written poorly or sadly just miscast, because again, too obvious with the filler info on both the writers and actor's interpretations. The Ev3nt has a fun and what could be an extremely engaging concept, but it needs to stop the alarmingly jumpy flashback and have the some of the characters play their parts without giving their future actions away before they are intended. Please give the audience more obtuse character intention, a less complicated jumpny flashback formula, and more complicated character intrigue, because I would like The Ev3nt to last a lot longer than "FlashForward" that is now just a "flashback' on the cutting room floor.

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(to his son) I'll keep us safe. I promise.


You watched us kill your wife, do you really think we'd hesitate to kill your daughters?