The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 27

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We should have known this week's Caption Contest photo would inspire a few lewd entries.

So we hope no PG-rated eyes scroll down and check out this edition's winning entry, courtesy of "Megz...x." We'll try to keep it cleaner next time, as long as you readers continue to bring the funny.

Deal? Good! Best of luck to everyone on next week's contest!

Stake pic

Can I poke u with my wood?

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Damon: "Oh, that bitch is dead."


Damon:I want to kill her!
Damon:Katherine had a threesome with her and Stefan!
Elena:KILL her.


Elena - Damon, please...Caroline's right here. Get your wood out of my face.


Over my dead body, Damion!


Caroline: (Good Elena's here. He can't stab that stake through both of us.)
Elena: "Damon please she's my friend. (Even though she gets under my skin like almost EVERY DAY!)
Damon: (I wonder what Elena would do if I kissed her right now?)


Caroline: Oh god, not the eye sex again..


Elena: Wrong hole Damon... aren't you supposed to be experienced??


Nina (elena): Open mouth in shock, wide eyes, tummy in, boobs out and arms back! There! The perfect I-am-so-scared-but-i-am-protecting-my-friend-from-you-even-though-i-secretly-hate-her-look!


can i poke u with my wood


Caroline: Elena, your hair smells weird..
Damon: I think i'm actually supposed to stab you?
Elena: WHAT?!

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