The Vampire Diaries Review: Bewere of Wolves!

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This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries gave us the possible end of one relationship (Elena/Damon) and the mysterious beginning of another (Katherine/Caroline).

Overall, of course, the dangerous doppelganger scarcely appeared on "Bad Moon Rising," but I didn't even notice because there was so much going on. Consider all we learned:

Stefan in the Woods

The world of werewolves was created 600 years ago by the Aztecs. Their natural enemy? Vampires. Their bite? Deadly to these blood suckers. What this portends for Damon, Stefan and company? Nothing good. What makes these creatures especially worrisome is that they can't seem to control their urges.

As Stefan has proven, and as he tried to teach Caroline throughout the hour, a vampire can fight back against his most carnal desires. But Mason seems to be a good looking guy with his shirt off, as he tried to chain himself in because he knew a full moon was on the way.

Alas, the effort failed. If even the best-intentioned werewolf can come oh-so-close to taking a chunk out of a vampire's neck, just imagine what an angry werewolf would do. No wonder Stefan's face in the photo above is a whole lot more scared than his "hey, it's Tuesday" face, huh?

Katherine hails from Europe, her original last name was "Petrova," and Damon suddenly believes she has a lot more in common with Elena there mere looks. Do you really think Elena acted so manipulatively, though? Let's see...

... Damon tried to kill Jeremy, and Elena sort of guilt-tripped Damon into giving her a book on Katherine's life. Sorry, D, but those two aren't exactly even. Give Elena a break, and also remember what Katherine said on the premiere: hating someone can be the start of a relationship, not the end. I have a feeling Delena fans can continue to hold out hope for a reconciliation.

All it takes to move on from your ex-wife and finally make out with the sweet woman who crushes on you is for the former to become a vampire, for you to take a road trip to her alma mater and for her pretty graduate student to make you realize how nutty you must be to remain stuck on such a self-centered, supernatural being. Good to know. Best of luck, Alaric and Jenna (Jalaric? Jeric?)!

Stefan was wrong about Caroline. He said her personality would be heightened, and we saw flashes of magnified insecurity and humorous whining... but, in the end, Caroline actually proved quite selfless, forcing Matt to dump her, for his own safety. Stefan even admitted this was a step he couldn't bring himself to take with Elena, even though he knew he should.

Overall, "Bad Moon Rising" was an action-packed episode that shed light on the Lockwoods and werewolves in general. I'd have been content with it even before Katherine showed up and told Caroline they were gonna have "so much fun together."

Sound off now, readers, and take your best guesses: What the heck does this eerie tease mean?!?


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OMG that episode finished off with a real cliffhanger, since katharine had returned after not being in the last one, it kinda makes u wonder wat she was planning during her absence. btw did she know damon gave caroline his blood, cuz i do recall elena being there when damon suggested to give her his blood when bonnie said yes to it (or was that katharine impersonating elena again?) cuz if in fact it was katharine there then that would explain why she killed caroline. katharine will probably make caroline do her dirty work for her by turning her against the salvatore bros & her friends, cuz lets face it, carolines not the most smartest person when it comes to most things, like her attack on matt in the forest, she was learning to control herself with stefan there with her but when stefans gone its like caroline didnt even pay attention to wat he said. carolines easy to manipulate cuz she has such a carefree mind that she wont even notice wat katharines angle is!!! cuz katharine said "we are going to have so much fun together" and the word fun has a whole different meaning to katharine. yup there will definetly be some kind of game caroline will be playing with katharine & it might not end too well for the other residents of mystic falls. anyways elena was totally not herself in this episode, she was really manipulative & snarky to damon, the way she made out with stefan in front of him was total foul play cuz she knows damons feelings for her & she was teasing him, it was so obvious, when i saw that part im like "u little bitch!!" there will be a romance with elena & damon sooner or later cuz katharine will drive a wedge between stefan & elenas relationship cuz hes the reason for her return, that & to get revenge on elena for stealing the one she loved, cuz after all, dopplegangers go after the one they look like, as stated at the university from that grad chick, all in all very interesting episode, the next one im sure will be a reall "killer" lol!!!


@sleepyhead and @Madison, I agree with both of you! Elena being bitchy in this episode isn't the first time, to be honest. I recall her acting similarly in an episode or two last season as well. Rare, of course, but still it's there. I do agree that she has credit to be mad at Damon and hate him (because if I were in her shoes and my brother almost died, yeah I would probably feel the same way). But she had no right to use him just because she knows he's in love with her, and she knows that he doesn't want to lose his friendship with her, making him at the losing end. Damon actually did a lot for her in this episode to make up for what he did - especially being honest - but more importantly, he APOLOGIZED. And that's something Damon rarely does after killing or almost killing someone - the only other time he did that was to Jeremy in last season's finale for killing Vicki. Therefore, though Elena has credit, she went over the line, really. And saying to Damon that he has lost her forever? That was a complete LIE. She knows that she can never stay away or hate him forever. The reconciliation between them is definitely set to occur either in the next episode or the one after. And yes, I still believe Delena can happen.


Mae - i agree! i just thought she was being as-per-usual control freak and then upset about it; not doing it on purpose...
but perhaps not :S


When Katherine said: hating someone can be the start of a relationship, not the end. So Damon and Bonnie can be together after all !!!! yeah !


TVD fans kind of suck at coming up with shippy names. Seriously, Delena and Stelena are just the first consonant sounds of the boy name tacked onto the Elena. Jalaric is about the inverse of that. Anyway, I totally didn't pick up on the selflessness of Caroline's final move in Bad Moon Rising..I had absolutely no idea why she was doing that and I'm going to have to rewatch that scene to clarify the fact that I am a douche who didn't notice.


I agree! Damon totally saved her life with the whole arrow thing, then he gave her a book on Katherine even HE hadn't read, and we all know he was probably dying to know what it was. Plus he went against all his instincts and totally apologized and was honest to her


Hmm, I think Elena IS more like Katherine than she thinks. I mean, sure Damon killed Jeremy but at least he was COMPLETELY honest with her. And did you see how regretful he looked? I mean, the poor guy is in love with Elena and she knows that. And then Elena went and manipulated him in giving her something she wanted.
Wait, why did it seem like Alaric was still kinda hung over Isobel when he was compelled to forget.

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