The Vampire Diaries Review: Statherine Forever?

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I love you, Stefan. We will be together again. I promise. - Katherine

Forget vampires and werewolves. This episode depicted one thing: season two is a game of cat-and-mouse. On "Memory Lane," Stefan and Elena pulled one over on Katherine, as they tried to stay one step ahead of the blood sucker who seems intent on killing the latter.

Only, for the second time this season, Katherine spared Elena's life. And if her feelings are to be believed, it's not hard to see why.

Stefan vs. Katherine

Whether or not Katherine came back solely for Stefan (my vote: NOT!), the final flashback to 1864 proved that she really did love him. She promised him they'd be together, and it's a promise she intends to keep - but only if her love is truly reciprocated.

If she actually murders Elena, the odds of Stefan actually falling for her are lower than Mason Lockwood Facebook friending Damon. Katherine must somehow woo her former lover, remind him of their history and their bond and hope he comes back to her naturally.

That will never happen, you say? Are you sure? You did notice the look of painful confusion on Stefan's face when he learned Katherine never compelled his 19th century affection, didn't you?

While we wonder whether Stefan hates Katherine as much as he claims to (and the line between hate and love can be thin, remember), we must also wonder more than ever: Why is Katherine back in Mystic Falls?!? It can't just be to go steady with this brooding Salvatore brother.

Other questions that spring to mind from the episode:

  • How unpopular was Jenna in high school?!? She hosts a barbecue so Alaric can get to know a few of her friends... and the only person to show up just moved back to town a couple weeks ago? Ouch.
  • What song do you think Damon is best at in Guitar Hero? Probably something by Marilyn Manson. Or Taylor Swift.
  • Seriously, what does the moon stone do? It's been passed on from George Lockwood to Tyler Lockwood, although the latter is as confused by it as we are. Still, it must be incredibly powerful for George to have taken the measures he did with Katherine.
  • Who did Mason kill to become a werewolf?
  • Can we really trust Mason? His speech to to Damon, about returning to town for the sake of his family, seemed sincere. But Damon didn't buy it for a second. He may have grown too aggressive (and ignorant) with the silver, but I'm still gonna side with his instincts when it comes to Mason.
  • Has Caroline never faked an apology before, in order to eavesdrop on the conversation between her BFF and her boyfriend because a more powerful vampire is threatening her?!? You've gotta at least bring a friend along (what was Bonnie up to? Witches gotta eat!) and pretend as if you're there for other reasons. Sheesh!

Overall, a somewhat slow episode that gave us more background into Katherine and moved certain pieces into place. It's Stefan/Elena vs. Katherine/Caroline, with Damon caught in between, and a newly-angered werewolf stewing on the sidelines.

Call it a game of cat-and-mouse, or just call it the set stage for whatever The Vampire Diaries has in store next week. We can't wait to find out. How about you? Sound off now in our show forum and/or comment below!


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I think katherine has a plan regarding elena I don´t think that she is back for stefan. maby she can use elenas body,to become alive again....the fact that they are look a likes is something katherine planed from the start.


also stefan is right: katherine did let damon and stefan die for no reason!!!!


omg stefan is so romantic....luv him....i would love if a guy told me i was an angel and that everytime he kissed me it ignited all his senses


I DO NOT want Statherine! They do not suite each other at all...stefan has the most warm and kindest heart anyone cannot have and katherine? does she even have a heart? Just because she was in love with stefan she really never did anything to show her love...she was still thinking about her issues and her past and her life in these 145 years...she didnt care that her love of her life is "heartbroken"...and now tht she's back its still only because of herself...sorry u bloodsucker - stefan does not love u anymore! how hard is it to understand gosh! Stelena


I actually feel sorry for Katherine, she waited so long and he's moved on :(


My own speculation is that Katherine is like the comet from season 1 that can only "come home every 145 years". She faked her own death to run away from something and then maybe during that century and half she spent her time taking care of other businesses related to her past. Now all she has to do is maybe take care of some final issues at Mystic Falls (possibly related to the Lockwoods - maybe she wants that moonstone back?! Who knows), try to get Stefan back and get her 'happy ending' or the start of a different life. Anyhow, there better be a reason as to why she's only returning now and not earlier. You know, personally, I enjoy watching Katherine and she really spices up the show. But I hope they won't make her character too cliché and turn it into another Damon. I don't think I would want another character whose outer skin is made of evil but when you peel it s/he is actually made of goodness and selflessness. I don't want to see Katherine gets progressively more tamed and more considerate - I want to see characters that more or less represent the extremes of the good/bad spectrum. Rather than having Katherine become Elena-esque, I would be more entertained to see her do something very Katherine-like that could actually end up resulting in some good. Maybe have her sacrifice herself in order to save Stefan (whom she appears to genuinely love) but not because she's selfless but simply as a result of her impulsiveness and passionate determination to get him back... or something like that. Have her action finally result in something positive even though her intentions may not be the best - you don't have to be good to cause some unintentional good impacts.


I think Damon is trying to be more mature because he WANTS to be. He can't have Katherine and he realizes that. But I think he is trying to impress Elena. The old Damon never would have given her that book without getting something in return. But he cares about Elena. He wants to prove to her that he can be responsible. I think he calmed down and realized that in Bad Moon Rising. I agree with the barbecue thing. What was up with that? There should have been some more people there. And I still wanna know how Caroline got into her house that first night after turning into a vampire. Someone had to invite her in, but who was it? Personally, I love Katherine. Yes, she is crazy. But she has this vulnerable side and I love it. Especially when it comes to Stefan. I really do think she wants Stefan back, but there is something more to it than just that. It's been a century and she is just now contacting him? Jealousy or what? Who knows? I love Katherine. She brings a whole new level to the show. And I am sure she threatend to hurt Matt... Remember her comment about his blue eyes? I bet that is the only reason Caroline is helping her. Oh, and I wanna know what is up with that stone. What does it do? Stop you from transforming or what? And why did Katherine have it in the first place? I love this show, but they need to slow down a little. I am noticing more and more errors.


I don't know about what other people think about this episode..but I am actually starting to like Katharine..and its weird!


As much as I love Damon (and I do wish the poor guy could catch a break!) my favourite part of this episode had to be Stefan and Elena pulling one over on Katherine. I hated watching the break-up scene, but I was quite impressed that they tied everything together, and set up their little ruse. Considering all the speeches given about how their relationship was doomed, it was convincing. Although, Caroline was really obvious. Reeeally obvious. Who wouldn't figure that out?


Mason Lockwood probably WOULD facebook friend Damon (He's such a nice sweet guy. Those always forget they were like murdered a moment ago. Look at Alaric and Damon! Best friends! D's only friend....) but Damon would never accept or if he did he'd forward him to the I- am- a- dog- to- people- sometimes group. I'm sure that exsists.

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Stefan: Why are you back in town?
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I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time.