The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Brave New World"

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A totally transformed Caroline?!? A mysterious werewolf device?!? Major heat between Bonnie and Damon?!?

This week's installment of The Vampire Diaries has given our staff plenty to analyze and discuss. Join us as we do exactly that in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
M.L. House: The words from Stefan to Elena that must have melted the hearts of every female viewer: "I came back to this town to start a life with you. We can't forget to live it."

LJ Gibbs: My favorite quote wasn't as much a quote, but an expression. When Jeremy revealed that he'd put vervain in Damon's beverage, his classic eye roll indicated that he was not fearful in the least, but merely irked. Sigh. Can't a brooding vampire just enjoy a stiff drink after a long day? Ian Somerhalder is so great.

ViddWizard: Stefan's "Maybe they're ninja turtles." Gotta love that TMNT have become a mainstay of pop culture enough that this quote was funny to almost everyone.

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Will new vampire Caroline survive the entire season?
M.L. House: Yes. We've been down the human-turns-vampire-and-then-is-killed-off route with Vicki. I can't imagine the show goes down the same path with Caroline.

LJ Gibbs: I'm cautiously optimistic, given the way she harnessed her new, murderous tendencies by the end of last night's episode, and I sure hope so! I loved Caroline anyway, and she's now been transformed into an entirely different, majorly bad ass character. Katherine may have competition for hottest vampire ever.

ViddWizard: She will... for my entire season. In other words, if they kill her off, I will be done watching the show, as all they are saying is that only Stefan and Damon are vampires worth keeping around.

What will happen first: Bonnie and Damon hooking up, or one trying to kill the other?
M.L. House:
Katerina Graham told us that Bonnie will be "fun to watch" this season. I don't see a way to interpret that statement as anything but a tease for the inevitable Bonnie/Damon sex scene, do you?

LJ Gibbs: The writers love to shock and provoke, so I'll go with the hookup. Followed by another mystical attempt to burn him alive, possibly even in the same week.

ViddWizard: Were you not watching this week's episode? Bonnie nearly roasted Damon alive. I don't see how you get from that to cuddle buddies.

Were you disappointed by the absence of Katherine?
M.L. House: Wait... what? She wasn't in it?!? That was Elena?!? Man, Nina Dobrev is good. She had me fooled!

LJ Gibbs: No. She was absent physically, but certainly not in spirit, as her actions from "The Return" were on everyone's mind. Plus, you know what they say: Always leave them wanting more. Them being Vampire Diaries fans, of course. Pretty sure the Salvatores and Elena have had enough.

ViddWizard: Not really. I really like how much we got to see Caroline grow into her newfound strength. From her tossing Damon down the hall to controlling the lust around Matt, she is becoming a force to be respected.

What does the moonstone do and why is Mason after it?
M.L. House: It prevents a werewolf from being affected by a full moon. Mason is after it because this is a man who hates being placed in hairy situations... if you know what I mean!

LJ Gibbs: This show and its mysterious apparatuses. Perhaps the stone allows one to control or hide one's rage issues, much like the rings prevent the vamps from being exposed? Or it summons all local werewolves to cause mass hysteria on a moment's notice? I seriously have no idea, but love these constant twists provided by TVD.

ViddWizard: It a giant mood ring. It changes colors based on level of anger. It belonged Mason's mom. Or maybe it just keeps a cup of tea warmer longer... who knows.

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DAMON AND ELENA FTW!!! Hell Ya! I wonder what that stone is for? and how did caroline get into the house if she said her mom wasnt there? Also I loved how Caroline was going to bite Matt, but she stopped herself! It was so cute! Also I hope Caroline doesnt die that would fucking SUCK! BTW Does anyone know the name of the song at the end?


Best quote... "My husband likes to get kinky." Baha! I really hope Caroline survives. Damon and Stefan can't be the only two around all the time right? It would just be weird. Of course there is Katherine, but she will disappear eventually I'm sure. Caroline was awesome as a vampire. Her character before was just... Blah. Nothing super eventful ever came out of her storylines. But she was totally sexy as a vamp. Although, I agree about the how did she get in her house thing... She has to be invited in. Weird. And honestly, the werewolf thing kinda... Well is boring. It doesn't intrigue me at all. Except the fact that they can kill vampires by biting them. Werewolfs seem to gross me out. Lol I don't find them attractive. I hope Matt stays in the dark cause somebody on the show has to be normal right? And where has Alaric been the past two episodes? Wouldn't he be at a school carnival? Oh and Bonnie drives me nuts. Get over the vampire thing. You will never get rid of them if Elena cares about them. She has to realize that at some point. Plus, her hair drives me nuts. I wouldn't mind seeing Bonnie go, but she is the witch. I don't think they are gonna kill her off.


anyone else wondering whose bright idea it was for Caroline to go home? I know her mom would freak out if she didn't go home but really? she's gonna freak out anyway when her daughter can't go in the sun! and btw how did Caroline even get in her house - she has to be invited in right? and i'm guessing sheriff is in the habit of NOT inviting people in


The producers of Vampire Diaries have indicated in various interviews that Damon and Elena relationship will happen...SOON..I can hardly WAIT...


I love caroline & matt's storyline, now she's a vampire it's obviously going to be hard for them. I really love her though and hope she doesn't get kill off. would be interesting seeing her with stefan or tyler... but at this stage i'm wondering if matt will ever hear the truth.. he's the only one who doesn't know isn't he, now tyler's venturing into werewolf mode. Would love to see more of Jeremy too and perhaps some delena (yes I'm still hoping!)


I HATE The New Caroline!She was better off being the stupid,useless,weak character.I really hated it when Stefan said he wasn't going to let Caroline die.Because she has changed,she is better killed off the show!


Stefaline It has a nice ring don't you think? :p I don't think I need to explain the two involved there do I? (Stefan and Caroline) It'll never happen though, but they're scenes together were really nice to watch. I really hope they don't kill her off, I agree with Vidd, it feels like they only tool they have to cause shock is to kill someone we really like off. It gives me the impression that outside the trio of Elena/Stefan/Damon nobody else really matters. I won't be surprised at any character outside the trio dies really. Which makes me worried about caring about a character too much...after what happened to Anna. I'm pretty pessimistic about Caroline's long term chances. :/


@ Jeanina,
YES Damon and Elena, ftw.
This is a dark period for Ian Somerhalders character,
but honestly, the way he looks at her, and their chemistry-
it's undeniable and I seriously can't wait for it's future. I like Stefan a bit better these days,
but it seriously doesn't give that awesome thrill that damon and elenas interactions do,
and i don't like them together. better, separately, do i like Stefan.


You know,
I still totally ship Delena... I was very impressed by Caroline as a vampire, it was thrilling and interesting, and from someone whose never been interested in her and never really appreciated her character, I find her very likable and endearing and that the transformation was unbelievably real for her character-- not at all cheesy- it was developed wonderfully and all totally true to her character. "My husband likes to get kinky."
hahahaha I saw some chemistry between C and Stefan, though, kinda cute :))
maybe because she can be so shallow and he can be so uptight and goody, they'd make an awesome pair. Also,
totally pisses me off-
she's gorgeous,
but i've like never liked that chick.


In response to Daphne, It's not so much about killing off a specific character, it is about writers using that one trope as the only way to have suspense. We went down that path last season with Vicki and then Anna and Pearl as vampires we liked and saw killed. They also mimic'ed that with Bonnie's Grandmother as she abruptly died as well. If the writers constant "go to" is to kill off a character after getting us attached to it, it becomes disappointing and stale. That being said, I have strong convictions that we will see Caroline for a while to come yet. :) VW~

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