True Blood Season Finale Clips: "Evil is Going On"

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On the third season finale of True Blood...

... Sookie sprints through the forest and stops in front of the light. Or is it just a dream?

... Sam considered telling his secret to Tara, saying: “There’s a reason why I bark in my sleep.”

... Hoyt arrives at work to find his mother, ex-girlfriend and high school guidance counselor waiting for him. Uh-oh.

Check out these scenes from "Evil is Going On" below and check out our True Blood spoilers for a closer look at the finale, as well as a glance ahead at season four.

[video url="" title="Sookie on the Run"][/video]

[video url="" title="Breakfast for Tara"][/video]

[video url="" title="Evil is Going On Clip"][/video]

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"When you camee in the air went out, and every shadow filled with doubt, I don't know who think you are but before the night is thru, I want to do bad things with you". True Blood season 3 is now history, Can't wait for more in season 4.


OMG! after all the boring Sam and Tara storylines, finally one that I am curious about! Hoyt, Jessica and the Mother xD


Can't wait for Sunday! Love this show...the writing and the acting. I hope it's around for a long time!!

True Blood Quotes

I'm not a monster, I'm a buddhist!


Guess that whole friendship things on hold.


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