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Warehouse 13 Season Finale Review: Heartbreak Abounds!

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It has been a season that has seen new love interests, new agents, and new revelations. However, tonight’s appropriately titled season finale ("Reset") canceled a lot of that and put us back at square one with Warehouse 13.

While there were several sad moments on thee finale, I have to start with my personal heartbreak:  I learned the truth and my new heartthrob, H.G. Wells. She was really was evil and trying to destroy the world.  I have been defending H.G. for weeks, hoping she was really good. I even raved about how great it was for there to be such a cool twist on the series.

Warehouse 13 Finale Scene

While I am very sad that she was not really a good guy like I had hoped, I have a feeling we will see her again, given that they didn’t put her back in the bronze section. She has such great potential as a good guy. She even had her own custom Tesla gun that had an awesome steampunk look to it. The only redeeming quality she has for me now is that she showed she isn’t pure evil because she couldn’t shoot Myka.

Speaking of Myka, was she happy or hurt when Pete told Kelly on the phone that he loved her? Clearly, Myka had some tears going there, and the romantic in me says it was hurt. However, given that she referred to him as “her big brother” in her goodbye letter I could be wrong.

Meanwhile, I take back any nice things I said about the writers leaving a lot on the table for this week, as the episode ended with Myka leaving and us not knowing if it is really for good or if Pete, Claudia, and Artie will chase her down and bring her back.

As if H.G. Wells being an evil psychopath was not heartbreaking enough, Pete and Kelly's relationship did not survive the season finale, either. I had said several different times how cute Pete and Kelly were together and how much I enjoyed how he got to be more “normal” with her.  I am truly sad that Pete was not able to hang on to the woman he loves and he has lost that small piece of the normal world.

The only real happy point in this episode was that Claudia and Artie are so close to being father and daughter. From him explaining to her that she really did have a choice and that she would only become the caretaker with her full consent, to how emotional Claudia got when Artie was wounded, we can see that they really do care very much for each other and are closer to being family that either wants to admit.

What did you think of the season finale? Do you think we will see H.G. Wells again?


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Is this a mid-season break like Eureka? I know Eureka will be back with a Christmas episode so I was wondering if they're doing the same with Warehouse 13? Or do we have to wait till next summer??


It was announced about a month ago that they had filmed a Christmas episode of Warehouse 13, to be shown later this year. It will be interesting to see how the Christmas episode deals with the ending events of reset and if it provides a bridge to season 3.


You're right. I knew I was a little fuzzy on that!


ARochelle, she didn't plan on destroying the world when she was bronzed, she used the bronzing as her "time machine" hoping that she would awaken in a better world. She didn't so she went all Tragic Villain on us and thought to destroy the world in order to save it. As for bringing her daughter back, as Artie said, "Resurection is...messy" or something like that. HG, being a warehouse agent knew that resurection was a no go so she wanted to punish the world that had not improved. Not the best plot vehicle but not too bad. I like that they didnt kill her and good use of the Corsican Vest.


I'm disappointed NOT that H.G. turned out to be bad (let's face it, we all sorta knew it was coming) but that her reasoning for destroying the earth was just lame. If I recall correctly, she had this planned before she was bronzed, right? But when confronted at the end she claims it was because the world was a terrible place and look what it had become while she was bronzed. That doesn't make sense. I was willing to buy her doing something terrible to bring back/be reunited with her daughter but it wasn't even about that. I think the writers sorta made a mistake there. As for Pete and Kelly? I don't think he REALLY loved her. I think he THOUGHT he did because she was the only NORMAL thing in his life. There's something between Myka and him and we'll just have to wait while they drag that out as long as they can. All in all, I was happy though. Good finale!

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Artie: Resurrection is a dangerous practice and always comes at a price
Pete: Yeah, look at Mickey Rourke.

Artie? Who are you suppose to be Jerusalem Jones?