What "Unthinkable" Action Will Bonnie Take on The Vampire Diaries?

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Last week, prior to The Vampire Diaries season premiere, Katerina Graham spoke to TV Fanatic about what lies ahead for her character of Bonnie.

Clearly stronger and more in control of her powers than she was a year ago, Elena's BFF has a serious feud with Damon going on. Where will it take her? Graham dished on that question, and many others, in a recent TV Guide interview. Excerpts follow...

On the friendship between Bonnie and Elena: I don't think the relationship with Bonnie and Elena will ever go back to the way it was. I think they can be friends and they can still be close, [but] it's different. We all have those friends we have serious problems with, but you know they would die for you.

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On Bonnie's interaction with Damon on the second episode: She will do something unthinkable.

On the new Caroline: Caroline's always been the chatty, blonde, silly frenemy, and now that that's changed. It's left them all in a vulnerable place, especially Caroline. Bonnie wouldn't ever just cut anyone off for no reason. If they were really not going to be friends anymore, it would have to be because of something Caroline did. No matter what Caroline is, it would have to be something awful. Other than that, Bonnie is pretty accepting of the fact that her friends are a little different. I think Elena choosing a vampire is just as strange as Bonnie being a witch, personally.

On a future love interest: Hopefully she'll have a deep connection with a guy, because right now she doesn't really have a connection with any of the guys on the show. The biggest connection she has is with Damon - and it's not a positive one.

Read the full interview at the official TV Guide website... and return to TV Fanatic tomorrow for a complete rundown of the episode!

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I want Damon to rip off Bonnie's head and s­hit down her neck.


What is with all the hate for Bonnie? I am shocked at some of the comments people are coming out with...Bonnie was totally justified in trying to kill Damon, because he basically forced Bonnie and her Grams to open the tomb with the threat of mudering more people if they refused. So Gram's death was his fault and people are forgetting only too easily how he callously snapped Jeremy's neck just because he was rejected. I find it incredibly hypocritical Damon is being constantly let off the hook for killing countless innocent people simply because he is 'hot'. Why should Bonnie suck up to Damon and excuse him for all the death and destruction that he has caused, she is the only character who is holding him responsible and actively doing something about it which I applaud her for. I noticed people on forums were rooting for Caroline on pushing Damon around for what he did to her yet were complaining about Bonnie, saying she is getting 'too full of herself', have you all forgotten that Damon tried to kill Bonnie even though he knew it was EMILY AND NOT BONNIE that destroyed the necklace. I don't understand how people can act like Damon is innocent and didn't deserve what Bonnie did to him, when he is clearly an egotistical murderous sociopath.


Gosh, I hate Bonnie so much lately!! ARGHHHHH

Anna maria

bonnie and damon..that could be interesting..I just want him to be happy.. they should create a new character to be his love interest, neither Katherine nor Elena are good enough for him!


agree with TDARFSWR - Bonnie is sooo self righteous! I don't like her at all!!


From the promo it seems that she sets Damon on fire. Of course, this being vampire diaries you can never be sure ;)


I guess the hook up is going to be bonnie and tyler!!
Tyler is so hot


i want Bonnie and Damon fight


That does sound unthinkable, but I think she tries to kill Damon. She sets fire to him cos she blames him for Caroline turning. Mind you I wouldn't be surprised if they hook up. The writers do like to shock and provoke, however it's unlikely. I wouldn't say her tryin to kill Damon was unthinkable but cos she's quite a moral caracter peraps that's what it meant. I personally dislike Bonnie,she was so sweet now she's self righteous and thinks she's untouchable. I'd like to see her taken down a peg or too tbh. Maybe her and Damon hooking up could inspire some jealousy from Elena? here's hoping :D


they are going to hook up and it will suck, because 80% of everyone who watches vampire diaries just wants to see damon suck face with elena, and soon please

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