30 Rock Review: "Reaganing"

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I think this may have been what made last season of 30 Rock such a letdown for some: these less-than-interesting, mostly uncomfortable Jack and Liz stories.

The A Plot from Thursday's "Reaganing" was Jack figuring out how to handle Liz's sex problems, and as awkward as Liz Lemon is when talking about sex, it's just as awkward for me to have to listen to her ramble about it.

Awkward isn't always a bad thing. Take almost every Michael Scott moment from The Office, or Larry David moment from Curb Your Enthusiasm for example. But these conversations between Jack and Liz were too much cringe and not enough laugh.

Liz and Pete

No one needs to know THAT much about Liz Lemon in bed.

Tonight's B and C stories were both entertaining, if lacking in jokes. Jenna and Kenneth's ice cream cake caper was great in feel, there just weren't enough laughs. It was nice to see Kelsey Grammer fresh off his second canceled sitcom.

Side note: I really enjoyed Back to You... Hank? Not so much.

Of course, I loved Tracy attempting to shoot a commercial for the Boys and Girls Club. Watching Tracy Jordan fail at anything is hilarious. I mean, "Shirt on or off?" was worth the half hour alone.

As we take a look back and compare last week's "Live Show" to "Reaganing," I'd take a jumpy, unedited live episode with a multitude of jokes over a clean but less funny regular episode any day of the week. Well, on Thursday nights at least.

Some of last night's best 30 Rock quotes after the jump ...

Liz: I'll try, but if I couldn't get it done in Vegas after a Penn & Teller show, I don't know how it's gonna happen here. | permalink
Kelsey Grammer: Come on, Frazier? I should throw some tossed salad and scrambled eggs at you. | permalink
Kelsey Grammer: One rule. If anybody gets hurt during the score, we leave them behind to die. | permalink
Tracy: Shirt on or off, Sean?!?
Sean: On.
Tracy: Good note. Back at one. | permalink
Kenneth: I don't understand what you're saying but I like that it has the word we in it. | permalink
Jack: We are lovers.
Liz: Uhh that word bums me out unless it's between the words meat and pizza. | permalink
Liz: I'm the one with the performance problem. I freaked out and my junk closed for business. It's like Fort Knox down there.
Driver: I'm just going to raise the barrier if that's okie dokie with everyone. | permalink
Jenna: Kenneth, take this card and get a cake for the crew.
Kenneth: Oh that's very thoughtful Ms. Maroney.
Jenna: Well one of the camera guys just had a baby, and I'm sick of hearing about it. This will put me back on top. | permalink
Tracy: I just can't turn down community service. 'Cause if I do, that judge will make me join the Coast Guard. | permalink
Liz: I just need to see him and I can't get a cab because Greece is playing Pakistan in soccer. | permalink
Jonathan (to Liz): Because you have so many unsolvable problems. Like your mouth! It looks like somebody kicked a hole in a bag of flour. | permalink


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