90210 Review: Teddy Goes Mel Gibson, Sasha Goes Magic Johnson

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Let's change things up a bit on this week's review of 90210. With numerous storylines being thrown at viewers, and a few one-liners that deserve special mention, join me for a point-by-point rundown of "The Bachelors."

  • Good call by participants in our 90210 forum. When they heard awhile ago that Sasha was returning, many guessed she'd deliver HIV-related news. If I believed for a millisecond that the show would take a major leap and give Dixon this disease, I'd be intrigued by this development. But we all know it will just result in a scare and a lesson about safe sex, don't we?
  • Dixon did at least make me laugh out loud once, as he told Ivy not to worry, many people pay for their first time.
  • I'm all for protection, but are you a PSA or a television show aiming at realism, 90210? No one has a variety of condoms just available in her living room drawer. Unless Laurel has a very different occupation than we've been led to believe, that is.
Charity Auction Scene
  • By the way, Silver: way to screw over breast cancer research just to avoid sending Dixon on an awkward date. Who knows how high Sasha would have bid?
  • Speaking of the auction: what's the highest you'd pay for one of these men, and who would it be?
  • It's "Iranian men?" Sorry, but I laughed at that, too.
  • What a waste of a cliffhanger from last week's episode. Naomi just awakens from her overdose, actually seems more healthy/functional than usual, learns she has the support of her friends... and that's it?
  • Teddy erupting with that "fagot" comment? Didn't see it coming. Ivy referencing Mel Gibson in a humorous, apt quip? Same.
  • My wife, upon seeing Liam and Ian go at it: "This seems like an unfair fight. "That guy's tiny... and Teddy's like 40."
  • Annie doesn't wanna be reminded that she's a murderer? Funny. Neither do any viewers. We've spent weeks in therapy, trying to forget that storyline ever existed.
  • What's there to even say about Charlie being revealed as Liam's half-brother? For now, it just seems like another contrived obstacle to get in delay a relationship between Liam and Annie.

Overall, a decent episode with a few funny lines. But there's no real tension in any major storylines due to their total predictability (Let us guess: Dixon's won't be HIV positive, Annie won't sell her eggs, Mr. Cannon will be brought to justice and Teddy will be reveal himself to be gay). Do you agree? Do you wish 90210 offered more surprises?

Even when it doesn't, it can at least offer up a few hot bodies. Click on each one below for a larger view:

Studs Working It
Stripping Navid
Topless Liam


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I liked last night's episode. At first when Sasha showed up I thought maybe she really did have a baby, but when she revealed she was HIV Positive. I think Dixon should get aids,because I can't stand his character and this may make him grow up and not take things for granted, he's always such a self righteous brat. I def think Oscar is going to fabricate a story to Ivy, causing them to break up and she's going to lose it to Oscar which later she will find out that he was also sleeping with her mom! I love Liam! I really think there is chemistry with him and Annie, I love that he tried to cook for her and he was trying to show her he had a softer side. I don't like Charlie, and I don't trust him, and he reminds me of Michael Jackson when he talks, he's just too feminen for her. I think Annie will sell her eggs to help out the money situation. Adrianna should just come clean that she stole those songs, that uncle is such a jerk! I like that at the end she ended up giving Silver the money, shows how much of a good friend she really is. As much as I don't want Teddy to be gay, he's def turning that way as in the way he dresses, and how tight his pants are lol I can't wait for the girls to take Cannon down next week! I hope they really get him good, he's such a creep!


@ML House: Read the comments made by the others. As I posted the other day, it's important to see how all of these storylines unfold/played out over the course of the season. We can't expect some major :BOOMBOOM-POW: for every consecutive episode. Yes we know that it easy to predict how these would turns out, the question is, how will the characters get there? How sure are we that Annie won't sell her eggs. Debbie may land a job as Jen's PA, but will the income still be enough for the Wilsons? How sure are we that Dixon won't be HIV-positive? And if he is or otherwise, how will he deal with it and how much it will change his viewpoint in life and stop being self-centered brat which has been very prominent in his characterization since the start of the show.

Matt richenthal

@James: I should lower my expectations? That's not exactly a major endorsement of the show, is it?


Lannie really bores me to death. I'm sorry guys don't take it personal. It's just so lame. I don't even care wether they get together or not because they're just so boring. I want someone really amazing for Naomi.


All i got to say for now is that Dixon was HOT!!!!!!!!!! XDD i thought i would faint.


I think Oscar set the whole thing up. He saw her and dixon walk off. Im telling you its him this guy is evil. This is a plan to get rid of ivy and dixon so ivy would consider getting with him eventually>


We didn't think Naomi would be raped, and we didn't think Adrianna would be on tour with Javier... but here we are, 90210 may not be as predictable as we think... Dixon won't be HIV positive: Positive "or not". Annie won't sell her eggs: She will. Mr. Cannon will be brought to justice: He will. But i think it will be an intense story, not the kind of plot that gets resolved in two episodes (but hopefully not in eleven episodes, like the Jen thing). Teddy will be reveal himself to be gay: yes, but after he breaks up with Silver (didn't she break up with him tonight??, it was so fast i didn't noticed very well). Maybe he will be caught: although is a very predictable story line that would be a good scene (Teddy-Ian-Silver... ¿Dixon?...,¿Ivy?,¿Sasha?)--->I don't think theres any more hope to Sixon, and it's good: i don't wanna go through the "Liam and Naomi were a fantastic couple but the season 2 personalitys made them a no-chemistry couple". Dixon has his own drama right now (and men it's big, weather is just a scary warning or not).


I totally agree with everything you said but for 90210 these last few episodes have been kinda miraculous to me, if the can keep the episodes coming like this and tighten up a few of the story lines they'll be some real promise.


I can understand why you don't like the way it is, but I think whats more important is how they get to those conclusions you stated above. Its one thing to know how something ends but it is a whole other thing to see how it plays out from A to B. might be interesting.


spoilers say the sl with cannon is going to get more intense

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