90210 Round Table: "Catch Me If You Cannon"

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90210 does not air a new episode until October 25.

While this makes us sad, it at least gives us ample opportunity to analyze and dissect the latest installment, "Catch Me If You Cannon." From break-ups to babies, a lot went down this week... so let's get right to this edition of the 90210 Round Table!

Are you rooting for Dixon and Ivy?
M.L. House: Absolutely not. We've seen these two together and happy for how long now, maybe five or six minutes total? They communicate terribly - Dixon would rather have Ivy think he's still in love with an ex than be there for him in a time of need?!? - and might very well be happier apart.

LJ Gibbs: Not at all. Why should I be, because the show just thrust them together? They fight all the time! Just break up for good already!

The Barnacle: Yes. Not because they are great together, my colleagues are correct on that. But because I want to see Oscar punished for his dastardly deeds. Kick his behind, Dixon!

90210 RT, Take 2

What really happened between Liam and Charlie?
M.L. House: Liam said Shenae Grimes was the worst actress on the show and it led to a fight because Charlie disagreed, yelling, "No, I am!" as he threw punches.

LJ Gibbs: It has to involve Liam's dad, right? We already know he's shady and he's influenced Liam in many ways. I bet Charlie was somehow involved in some scheme the guy cooked up.

The Barnacle: They were lovers. Teddy will end up seeking advice on the topic from each one.

Will Jen and Ryan make good parents?
M.L. House: No. But fortunately they have super nanny Deb there now, the same woman who raised one child to commit vehicular manslaughter and another to not understand how being honest with a girlfriend is always the best way to go... man, this baby is screwed.

LJ Gibbs: Sure. Jen is all soft and sweet now, as the final image of her and her family showed. Who could possibly have seen that coming?!?

The Barnacle: No, but they'll make funny ones. Jacques Strap?!? I love it!

Will Mr. Cannon ever be brought to justice?
M.L. House: Yes, just hopefully in a more satisfactory way than how Annie was brought to justice for covering up a murder.

LJ Gibbs: I'm sure. But wouldn't it actually be a refreshing surprise if he is NOT? Sadly, that does happen in real life.

The Barnacle: Of course he will be. Unfortunately, Naomi will still have to deal with the repercussions of his act for as long as she lives.

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Ivy and Dixon are good.. but they fight every episode.. and btw is Dixon stupid or what? I mean.. he didn't even know about the results and he is telling her that and pushing her away.. He could just say that... He may has it... but didn't he think of the possibility that maybe... if he doesn't have it and tells Ivy about Sasha it would be....the end for them,Anyway i was interested mostly in The Cannon SL .. Liam and Charlie.. don't care prob some stupid family drama ..Jen and Ryan-Well prob not but idk


I personally like dixon and ivy their real good together in my opinion...


so, am I the only one who actually likes Ivy and Dixon?? I totally agree with these writters, they have been happy like for five minutes but... (dot dot dot)... since that final scene at the 3rd episode when Ivy shows Dixon her dad I have been able to notice that emotional part of her, her "corny" part... I just would like them to be a happy couple just for one episode!!! please! i'm just starting to fall in love whith them, don't run them away so quickly!

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I've been carrying her around for nine months. It's hard. I wanna see my feet.


Ryan: The last three weeks are all about the baby putting on weight.
Jen: Eww. Yuck. Who wants a chubby baby?