Blue Bloods Review: "Smack Attack"

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On “Smack Attack,” we finally got to see Jamie play hero.

He performed CPR on a teenage girl who overdosed.  Although I enjoyed him in this more serious role, I still loved the prior scene where he issued a ticket to a woman for using her cell phone while driving. Jamie was nothing but professional and polite, while the woman was loud, rude, and wanted his badge number. I can’t imagine how often cops have to deal with that.

Danny Drinks

So far, I’ve enjoyed Danny’s new partner, Det. Jackie Curatola. She can go toe to toe with Danny and they have some great banter. I loved their conversations comparing their Catholic school experiences.

After the partner merry-go-round we’ve seen with Danny this season, I hope Jackie sticks around for a while.

I had to roll my eyes when the detectives wanted to search the school lockers and the priest responded, “That’s such an invasion of privacy.” Three students died because of a drug they took.  Somehow searching students’ lockers doesn’t seem so shocking. Shouldn’t finding the deadly drug be the priority?

I adored the family dinner scene where they argued about legalizing drugs. I expected Grandpa to be anti-legalization so I was surprised when he brought up his uncle who was blinded by a batch of illegal gin during prohibition. Of course Erin was right, this is a complicated issue. I would have enjoyed seeing them debate it further.

So... we're six episodes into Blue Bloods. What do you think of the Reagan family so far?

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I think the actress' name is Jennifer Esposito. Jackie is the first partner Danny's had all season that hasn't blended into the background. Let's hope we see more of her.


I really like her as an actress and really enjoy her character. I also hope she sticks around. I loved her as a homocide detective in "Don't Say a Word"

Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Father: The Lord handles surveillance here at St. Angelus.
Danny: Well, you've got me on that one, Father.

If you're dating me you don't need chemicals.