Blue Bloods Spoilers: A Look Into Frank's Past

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As one of the only new hits on television, Blue Bloods has TV Fanatic readers buzzing.

What can viewers expect as this CBS drama moves along? How about a look into Frank's past?

On an upcoming episode, we'll meet Jimmy, the former partner who once saved Frank's life. Look for this character to seek a promotion from his long-time friend, only for things to get ugly when Frank suspects Jimmy of a crime.

Blue Bloods Press Conference

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Love this show"I can not wait for it to return to our screen hear in Ireland,I have to rely on my family in the USA to keep me filled in,It is the first show in years that i take the phone off the hook when it's on,keep up the good work. Love you all.


Omg i love this show!! i think all the actors are great especially Tom Selleck! i have been in love with the man since Magnum PI. T he man is fantastic in everything he does! love the family's weekly dinners and the way they interact with each other(even though most conversations ends in an argurment) looking forward to watching this show for a long time and see where the story goes with the secret society within the police dept. the romance between frank and the reporter, and about jamie's future wedding plans. and hopefully a romance for erin.

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Blue Bloods Quotes

Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean. Who is neither tarnished or afraid.
Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: His definition of a hero.

Jamie: Who sings that?
Renzulli: It's the Red Hot Sushi.
Jamie: Let's keep it that way.