Bones Spoilers: Hannah Story "Still Evolving"

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From the moment many Bones fans laid eyes on Hannah, Booth's journalist girlfriend, they started counting the days until she leaves town ... or even plotted her demise.

People are not fans.

We hate to break it to you that Katheryn Winnick’s stint as Booth’s lover (and Brennan’s new BFF) doesn’t actually have an end date, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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How long will Hannah stick around on Bones?

“We don’t know how long she’s going to be with us this season,” says executive producer Stephen Nathan. “We want to keep it open. Hannah’s story is still evolving."

"At this point we don’t know how exactly we want to wrap it up. And even if she does go away, we want to leave open the possibility that she may come back.”

Guess that rules out her being taken out by the sniper?

It's very much unclear, but there's also this tidbit:

“I’m working on an episode now where Brennan and Hannah’s friendship is tested,” Nathan adds. “It relates to something that happened between Booth and Brennan at the end of the Brennan-centric episode. It creates some significant friction between Booth, Brennan, and Hannah that has to be worked out.”

Any thoughts or comments on what that might be?

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Well my thoughts are Hannah will find out what the reality of the relationship is between Booth and Brennan. This will end their BFF status, which I totally thought was not that clarified to be that kind of friendship anyway so no loss here. No hate on Hannah, but if she is a smart girl, she will get jealous and not be friends with Brennan anymore and confront her! Dang dang DANG!!!! lol...


I haven't watched a bones since the first show of the new season. I am watching other things now. Bones was my very favorite show, but I can't handle the Hannah thing. reminds
me of the Bones and Sully thing which was hard to take.
I may come back but I doubt it.I watched every episode until


I quit Bones. Hannah has nothing that recommends her to the audience and it ruined of of the greatest appeals of the show--the budding, cute, innocent unrequitted love between Booth and Bones' inability to cometogrips with her own shortcomings and obliviousness. I'm done. If I hear that Hannah is gone then I may come back, but things will never be the same. The show is done.


I hate Hannah but for everyone that dropped the show you need to keep watching! We all know Booth and Bones will be back in action soon. Hannah has no chance so do what im doing, sit back and see how many ways you can kill Hannah in every episode :) Bones and Booth forever :)


I agree that the whole Hannah line is irritating and I'll drop this show if she would not gone in the next few episodes.


Bones is one of the few shows I continue to watch on TV. The whole Hannah arc is making me SICK. I miss the Booth and Bones dynamic. That truly makes the show for me. I'm looking for a story arc in which Hannah is a victim and Booth and Bones has to find the murderer or better yet an episode when Booth finds out her whole background is a lie. Either way, I don't care how, but she needs to go, I think I'll start tuning out until she's gone or watch some of the older shows.


I understand the hannah dynamic completely. But in order to make this a succeeding love story - or story at all - is for Booth to decide he prefers Bones over Blondie - and it's got to be impacting.


I love the show, but mostly love the "friendship" between Booth and Brennan. Hannah, in my opinion ruins it. I have waiting for the day for Brennan and Booth to become romantically involved, but if they didn't, it was always fun to watch that there was a possibility. I hate to say it, but I think I may drop Bones from my viewing list. Hannah changes the whole dynamic. I really don't understand why they had to bring her character to the show.


I don't get it. The show had grown and a great relationship was blossoming and then BAM! Hannah! And Bones is all hyper analytical again. I know that is part of her character but that was part of the growth- she wasn't taking everything completely literally. Now Booth is explaining which is a joke and what isn't and seems to be almost annoyed with her.
I am about to tune out!


Hopefully the writers and producers see how horrible this Hannah storyline is. What's even worse is the idea that Brennan and Hannah are girlfriends now? There is little chemistry between Hannah and Booth and the supposed friendship between Hannah and Brennan is just awful and forced. They have mentioned how smart Hannah is but all we've seen is that she's hot. Let's face it, no one is going to like her, no one *wants* to like her, and there is definitely no room for her. It's ruining the show. The heart of the show is the friendship Booth and Brennan have and how they support each other. I know they can't really have Booth and Brennan all happy and in love yet, but you can't take away the heart of the show and expect fans to stick around.

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