Desperate Housewives Review: "Let Me Entertain You"

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I’d like to say things heated up this week on Desperate Housewives, but other than Bree’s six-hour romp with Keith, "Let Me Entertain You" was a letdown.

It seems this season has been dragging along with not much to speak of in terms of an interesting storyline. 

The good news, though, is that Susan actually had some acting to do this week instead of just flaunting her jugs for VaVaVaBroom.  I was almost touched when Lynette covered for Susan’s money issues, claiming it was lent to her to cover some of their birthing bills that insurance did not cover.  Yeah, believable.  I would definitely ask my closest friends for $9,000 to cover the birth of the fifth child that I can’t afford.

At a Cabaret Show

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In other (not entirely interesting) news, we are pleased to see that Renee will be sticking around this season after kicking her desperate ex-hubby back to Manhattan.  With her new alliance with Gaby, these two will surely get into some diva drama. After that bar brawl, we can’t wait to see it.

Interesting, though, that after Gaby’s obsession with doting on her biological daughter, we saw no mention of her this week – or the child swap for that matter.  Gaby went from concerned bio-mom, to a kid-free champagne drinking drama queen with her nose “out of joint” over Renee’s antics this episode.  I guess Gaby won’t be getting the Mom of the Year award from either of her kiddos this year.

Speaking of mom of the year... when might things let up for Lynette?  This lady just can’t get a break.

As if a worthless husband and five ungrateful kids weren’t enough, she now has her mother-in-law living with them.  The Schaivos time warped back to the 1950’s, where cookies are made fresh daily, and drinks are poured anytime you hold your glass up.  On top of that, kooky Grandma is showing signs of Alzheimer’s. It looks like this house helper may just become another of Tom and Lynette’s dependents.

Grandma and Granddaughter

Elsewhere, Paul Young is scheming away to take down the neighborhood. Bbut am I the only one not interested?  Honestly, I could care less about this guy.   The whole murdered on Wisteria Lane thing is a tad overdone.  Let’s remember, the show is called Desperate Housewives, not Desperate Ex-con Jailbird.  No one watches the show because of this villain’s plans to take down the Lane, do they?

So back to the only semi-interesting thing that happened: Bree getting sexed up.  Pretty clever that she came up with a way to tire out her man slave in a different manner, via a long list of chores. Turns out Keith feels a bit dumb compared to his classy lady, so sex is the only way he thought he could keep her interested. Awww, almost want to cry for you, Brian Austin Green.  But after your heart to heart about how you like each other just the way you are, we’re confident you’ll be just fine, Breith.

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yeah that creepy paul young dude is sooo boring. He should just get lost already.
Keith and Bree are great together i hope they don't split because i'd hate to see him leave the show. Bree is my fav character out of all the housewives by far. She is a stunning actress and always looks decent compared to Lynnete.


Call me crazy but i liked this episode....may be i am too much of a fan....


I think Paul's plot against the Lane could be done much much better. Include his new wife in it, or give her a part in sabotaging his plans (where is she all the time btw and why is she soooo clueless).
Paul Young is a creepy ex-con and he's going to destroy the neighbourhood by buying all the houses..
that just seems kind of boring. Paul is capable of so much more, give us some of that.. But I love Gaby and Renee together, much better suited friendship than the one between renee and lynette which seemed a little forced..


I like the start of this season so far, and I think they are going in the right direction considering it's the seventh season already and a lot of plots have been played out. My favorite is obviously the Bree/Keith storyline. He better be around for the whole season or else it's gonna get boring, lol. Seriously, the sex scenes between them were so hot I was blushing.


How much boring could this show get? I agree it is dragging along and nothing in the content except sex and porn! It needs to end - it has run its course for prime time TV.


I agree with everything you said! You are not the only one who doesn't care about Paul Young and his plot against Wisteria Lane! I've been watching Desperate Housewives since the beginning and I must say that something has got to give because this season is dragging along horribly. I will still continue to watch the show no matter how uninteresting some of the story lines are but I hope the story lines improve because I don't want this show to get cancelled!


Wow it looks like you`re mad, depress or something, because your critic/review/critic is awfull...ok maybe the episode is not the greatest chapter ever, but came could be a little bit a professional!


Loved this episode...and I love bree and keith together! although...don't like the name 'breith'!!! they're sooo different that they work so well! I just love them... and I don't watch the show for the paul young bit...but it does give something interesting to the show. if it was just a show about the 4 housewives forever with no mystery or'd be pants. I like it this way...even though he takes up WHAY too much air time :P


gaby did mention grace a bit but the housewives were more interested in bree & keith.
also, what pissed me off is how renee gets into a 'fight' with people and then afterwards they all become friends (first with bree then with gaby) right afterwards. i'd like to see her actually declare war on somebody.


True Blood and Desperat Housewives I love these two SOooo.....

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He had a plan that would set neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend, and it was a plan that was going to succeed.

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