Desperate Housewives Spoilers: What is Paul's Plan?

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On this week's Desperate Housewives episode, it became evident that Paul Young wants to buy up various pieces of property on Wisteria Lane.

But why?

Simple, creator Marc Cherry tells TV Guide: he plans to fill them with undesirable tenants and transform the posh neighborhood. It's all part of his scheme to pit the women against each other.

This plan will climax on the final episode of 2010,  when "we'll be having a huge, huge scene with tons of scary people - more extras than we've ever had," Cherry previewed.

Paul Young Picture

This isn't the first time Cherry has teased a major event for this season. In an earlier interview, he said a main character will be killed off around February Sweeps time.

Who might it be? Tune in. Find out.

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I think it will be Paul.


I feel like Bree has run her courser let it be her


i hate when the writers kill a character in a show! This is idea is so irritating now! Even on the other show that I watch, BONES, the writer plans to kill a main character.. I meaN thts not going to do anything good for the show because every main character has a fan that is very attached to him/her. and by killing their character, the show is going to get hatred instead of praise!! But if they are going to kill someone, I will feel better if Paul is killed.. he is my least favorite.


I think it will be one of the husbands most likely.


It'll probably be Renee or the older lady


Well all I can say is i hope to GOD it isnt Mike b/c i love his on the show oh and Carlos to


i fink itz guna b suzan cos she cnt liv wiv her guilt


I think Vanessa Wiliamms' character will be killed off.

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