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The death of a loved one affects people in many ways.

Over the first few episode of this season, Dexter Morgan has struggled with how to react to Rita's death, trying to manufacture the sort of humanized grief normal for someone in his situation.

But Dexter is anything but normal, of course, and "Beauty and the Beast" finally showed us the profound way in which the loss of his wife has gotten to this man: it's made him ignore Harry's Code.

As Lumen

Correction, actually: it's made him alter Harry's Code. In an early scene with his late father, we see Dexter mix up the first rule ("Don't Get Caught") with the idea of not letting an innocent die.

This, evidently, is how a blood-obsessed serial killer mourns. He might not shed any tears at a funeral, but he sub-consciously changes the life philosophy that has allowed him to survive. And we learned at the conclusion of this episode that such a take on innocent lives will have far-reaching consequences for Dexter, as Lumen seems intent on getting Boyd-like revenge on all the men that left her battered.

I didn't anticipate this development, and I'll reserve judgment on my feelings toward it until we see things play out more.

My initial reaction to the episode, however, is that there's not enough at stake in Dexter's world. As I've mentioned before, the show is at its best when Dexter is forced to out-think an adversary in order to remain alive and/or free. We saw that with his psyho brother, then Doakes, then Miguel Prado and finally Trinity.

After four hours of season five, though, we continue to see Dexter as more of a thoughtful, confused individual than a quick-thinking murderer attempting to stay one step ahead of those around him. This new side is understandable, given Rita's death, but it's not too exciting to watch.

Even though the concept of a fellow policeman suspecting Dexter has been done before, I'm still hoping the pace of Quinn's investigation into Kyle Butler picks up. We need something to jolt Dexter into action.

As for everything else in the episode? Eh. Deb is disturbed over the confrontation with one of the Santa Muerta killers, and Maria might be in trouble for sleeping with underlings. Is anyone remotely invested in either of these storylines? They feel like nothing more than fodder to save Michael C. Hall from being in every scene.

What did everyone else think? Does the pace need to pick up, or are you satisfied with sitting back and letting the unusual Dexter/Lumen relationship play out?


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Yeah, I think the I.A. guy was trying to blackmail Maria, and I think it still might happen. It could add to the friction between the couple that we are seeing now. Not that they have the best storyline, but I guess it could get better.
Would like to see Quinn get confirmation that Kyle is Dexter, and then try to piece everything together. Quinn has the potential to be the new Doakes, except that Quinn is just angry and trying to gain revenge because he got caught stealing while Doakes was actually on to him.
Maybe I'm off base, but I see Lumen being the new babysitter. Lumen showed compassion and understanding towards Dexter and the previews showed they are going to be working together. What better way to keep her close than to make Lumen a live-in babysitter? The Irish lady is most likely gone because she gave him one more chance to be responsible, and we see Dexter and Lumen at the SUV later at night, possibly leaving her stuck with the baby again.


Hey DL, I still think the Internal Affairs guy is trying to get a BJ from Maria. Not to be crude/rude, but there hasn't been any T&A in this season so far and 'Dexter' normally has a least someone getting all nudey / season.


Hmm, Let's discuss. First of all, Dexter is killing me. If you remember all of our comments back in the beginnig of this season, we said the reason why Dexter didn't cry or feel sadness over Rita was because he is a sociopath, unable to feel. Then explain Lumen? Why did he let her go? He felt something for her, towards her. Did he feel badly that she was hurt, sold... point is, he felt something.
I HATE QUINN, and the first noble thing he did was try to not let Deb go to his house, but she wanted to go... ARRR
I really thought that the IA officer was going to blackmail Maria into... you know what. I wasn't sure where that was going.
I'm really curious to see where the investigation of Dexter is going to go... I saw nothing of Quinn in the coming attractions. Let me say this though, the nanny will catch on to Dexter if he is not careful with her. And it's now aparent that she has values. Her line was great, Never trust anyone who lies, and never lie to anyone you trust.


Great episode! i love it


I don't mind the storylines because I really like all the characters in this show... except for Quinn

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