EXCLUSIVE: Chord Overstreet Brings SexyBack, Speaks on Glee Character, Hair

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Glee viewers first met Chord Overstreet on the season two premiere, but we were truly introduced to his character of Sam Evans on "Duets."

It's safe to say Sam didn't just win over Quinn, he won over millions of viewers with his bad jokes and acoustic talents. In the following interview, Overstreet talks about joining the cast and even gives us a sneak peek at the song he'd most like to sing on Glee...

What it was like to join such an established cast?
It’s fun. Luckily, they were all really cool and they’re all super sweet people and they were really nice to me. They could have been really big divas and really rude, but they were really cool and a blast to work with. They made me feel welcome.

Sweet Duet

Is your hair really dyed?
It’s naturally dirty blonde. So it’s highlights. I had it down to my chin in this beginning of this year, and then I had them cut it from eight inches long to two inches long. I wanted to go brown and the lady made it black, so they basically had to bleach it to get the black out. It's really damaged it.

What song would you most like to sing on the show?
I would like to sing John Mayer’s "My Stupid Mouth" because I think it's funny and hilarious because it’s a fun and cool song. It’s always been one of my favorite songs. That, and maybe like "SexyBack." I think it would be fun. Everybody could get a good laugh at me dancing.

** TV Fanatic note: Overstreet actually sampled a few bars of this JT classic for us during the interview. Listen to it HERE.

How many episodes are you booked for?
I’m not booked for a certain amount. After a certain numbers, it goes to series regular. I don’t know how much that is. It could be indefinitely, and I could be off the show tomorrow. I don’t think that’s the case, since I’ve sent the script. As far as I know, it's open ended. Hopefully, the producers and writers and creators like the stuff I’m doing and hopefully I’m making them happy and I keep working on the show.

With which New Directions member do you most/least want to duet?
I would love to do a duet with Amber Riley because she’s so amazing. She’s a great vocalist. But I would also not like to do a duet with her because she would blow me out of the water [laughs]. She is awesome, she’s got some pipes on her. I would love to do a duet with Lea, also. She’s great, super talented girl.

Has singing always been a part of your life?
Yeah, I’ve been singing since I was little. I’ve been doing it on and off for about 15. I started it on my own.

How many shower scenes are we going to get with you?
Gosh, I hope about 15 or 20, every episode. That would be fun.


i like him in duets when he sang with quinn fabray


No, just no. The show coldn't work without Puck


dude, he's clearly making a joke, he's not actually full of himself.


You know, I like him a lot, I find him charming in an awkward down to earth kind of way--
Series regular for sure!! ;) Also, writers, Puck better be back soon or you're in trouble.
I really like Sam, but...uh, it wouldn't be Glee without Puck
and I almost like Puck and Quinn together better, I'm not sure-
You've got a good storyline right there, we need the bad boy.


im kinda hoping he doesnt get a series regular....


I don't mind if he becomes a series regular but I don't want Puck to leave. What Finn said is true, the show needs his bad persona. Sam is a cute "blonde" and he cannot be the bad guy. Finn is also kind of on the cute side, although sometimes I find him "retarded", and his face expressions such a turn off lol


@Avalen not necessarily. Amber is an awesome singer but her voice is really meant to do solos (I mean how great does she sound with a huge gospel choir behind her!! :D), it's so powerful that someone has to REALLY be able to match it or at least COMPLIMENT it to duet with her successfully (Naya did a fab job this week). Lea's voice is more versatile in regards to duets. She has a wonderful voice for solos and it also lends slightly better to duetting with people, it doesn't overpower them, whereas with Amber you WANT her to amp it up and overpower people cos that's why she's so awesome (my favourite of her performances will always be 'Jump' and her imitating the guitar, that was such an inspired use of musical arrangement and total genius!). Maybe Chord is just intimidated because he knows/thinks his voice wouldn't neccessarily compliment or match Amber's? I don't see why one has to be better than the other, they are both amazingly talented but in very different ways. The beauty of it really is how well they go together (which sadly doesn't happen as often as it should). I think they are the best vocalists on the show, tied (with Chris, Kevin and Naya next down the list).


The question is: With which New Directions member do you most/least want to duet? He doesn´t want to have a duet with Amber Riley because she´s too good, but he wants to have duet with Lea Michele, does he just admitted Amber Riley is better vocalist than Lea Michel?


With this huge promotions Ryan Murphy and his productions are giving to build up Chord Overstreet, now I´m more convinced than ever, Chord O. will definitely replace Mark Salling, no matter how many different kinds of explanation Ryan Murphy and his people giving it to the media! I think Mark Salling role will be lesser and lesser until it´s completely disappeared.

Reese williams

How many shower scenes are we going to get with you?
Gosh, I hope about 15 or 20, every episode. That would be fun. .....be more full of yourself...

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