Family Guy Review: "Excellence in Broadcasting"

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We have to give Family Guy credit.  No, not because the left-wing show featured conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh (more on that later).  But because they stuck with the outcome of last week's season premiere.

Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy

We definitely thought last week was a special and the show's murder of several characters would never be referenced again.  However, we were hilariously surprised to see the episode open with Tom Tucker asking where Diane was, only to hear Ollie scream, "She dead."  Amazing.

So our question is, does that mean we'll never see James Woods' hilarious characterization of himself or the lovely Mrs. Mort again?  Okay, so we could care less about the latter, but we'll at least miss the Tucker-Sawyer bickering each week.

Back to the episode on hand, "Excellence in Broadcasting." While it should be considered impressive that Family Guy, which often pushes its liberal views and mocks conservatives featured Rush Limbaugh, we're actually much more impressed with the latter for coming on the show.

Clearly when Rush was given the script or read the lines, he must have known how much he and his views were being mocked.  Or maybe his ego couldn't say no to being voiced on the show or being given an awesome fight scene.

We're all for political humor when it's funny, but to base an entire episode on it when only a few of the jokes actually worked?  It was definitely a weak episode to us.  

Every attempt by the show to even mention Brian's new conservative views were done in such a mocking way, we'd take Stephen Colbert or Stan Smith (nice cameo btw!) more seriously as they expressed them.  At least they properly can deliver the satire.  Shame on you Seth MacFarlane and all your usual voice work talent.

At least we got to see a hilarious "Brian is a dog" bit before he went off to dominate the entire episode.  Come on, the begging for the food in the brown bag?  Hilarious.

Now for our favorite Family Guy quotes from the political half hour:

Rush Limbaugh: I'll be around. Where there's a rich white guy in need of another tax break, I'll be there. Wherever there's a brain dead woman in need of expensive life support her husband doesn't want, I'll be there. Wherever there's a country that needs invading for reasons that don't quite pan out, I'll be there. | permalink
Rush Limbaugh: The fact you would give a woman credit for anything, it means you're a liberal. | permalink
Brian: Oh no! It's a multi racial TV gang, including white guys. | permalink
Tom Tucker: Hi, I'm Tom Tucker. Where's Diane, Ollie?
Ollie: She dead! | permalink


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yo mama is fat


I'm from the Netherlands, were Democrats (L) and Republicans (R) are terms not really used, but only Left winged and Right winged. While i am slightly more Left winged, social, i acknowledge that you should have both (help the poor, but reward people who want to study longer, basically, you need construction workers AND docters) or have then a Left party, then Right. It should ballance it self out, extreme L or R should be avoided at all cost. This is a fact history has proven time and time again. It true both have flaws and strengths, and most people have both in them but (slightly or strongly) prefer one over the other. It is good to see the humour in them.


Maybe it's different for me, being a Canadian, but I had no interest in the storyline, and there's a few jokes I didn't get. Had two women over watching also that didn't get them & tried to explain some of the jokes haha.


I would consider myself a conservative republican and also found this to be one of the funniest episodes in quite some time. The premiere was good, but this was funny. Too many episodes during last season were just not funny and I was ready to walk away. The lighthearted political humor was great. I do not care for the family guy songs in general, this one was no different. Rush with a fight scene? The entire republican HQ scene, Rush making fun of Bush, the Mccain/Limbaugh/Scooby spoof. The clearly politically incorrect lines like, "The fact you would give a woman credit for anything, it means you're a liberal." - hilarious.


I took this as a lighthearted gesture from both sides, not taking themselves too seriously on a cartoon show. While they clearly won't reach agreement on most issues, its a nod that both are trying their best. Not the funniest episode overall, but I think it was needed: spoiler: where they both badmouthed each other at the end and then gave that heartfelt wave after. both sides moved down at least a notch in arrogance....


This was the worst episode i have seen of Family Guy, so disapointing and boring. No one wants to watch political bull shit, or Rush Limbaugh for that matter, over half of its viewers don't even know who that is. It was a weak episode and after such a great season premiere, this was the worst. I didn't laugh, smile, or even grin in this episode, just awful. I hope they do better next week.


Does anybody else out there think that Seth McFarlane has an incredibly big head?


I'm a fairly conservative Libertarian and I found the episode to be very funny. Well, parts of it. I didn't mind the conservative bashing and I think the conservatives who do are a bit stuck up. Relax a bit. It is just a TV show. Don't be so uptight about things. Being uptight is one of the reasons the young vote more liberally. Make fun of your shortcomings, and the sterotypes too. Nothing wrong with some humor, is there?

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Tom Tucker: Hi, I'm Tom Tucker. Where's Diane, Ollie?
Ollie: She dead!

First I'm gonna stare at this brown paper bag that I'm pretty sure has food in it