First Look: Daniel Radcliffe on The Simpsons

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Harry Potter is about to meet the Twilight Saga... on The Simpsons.

On the show's 21st annual “Treehouse of Horror XXI" (scheduled to air on November 7), Daniel Radcliffe will lend his voice to the character of Edmund. He's a new student at Springfield Elementary who Lisa falls for, much to the chargin and fear of Homer.

We've got your first look at the character here:

Daniel Radcliffe on The Simpsons

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if any of u want to see it its on '' u can watch the full episode there but u have to be in the usa to be able to watch it. sadly i am not. :(


no silvia, dan is mine.


So cool :) To bad i don't have Fox.. That's the channel it's on, right? I'm from Norway so the only channel i can watch it on is Viasat 4.. :/ It's mostly old episodes, I've seen the most of those.

Avatar u think bart will stab a stake through his heart and make him eat his


I'm a fan of both HP and Twilight and I will so watch this show what a gr8 combo.


@ili No shit sherlock. That's the joke. It's obviously a spoof. So they got Daniel Radcliffe, the star of the BETTER movies. AKA Harry Potter.


Just asking, why didn't they use Robert Pattinson's voice since it is his character!


It's spelled "chagrin" not chargin.


omg i love vampires they are my new favorite mythicle creature also because hallowen is comin up this month... HAPPY THANKSGIVIN EVERYONE


This is tuff man at lest he dont have to fuzz on his back ahah

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