First Look: Taylor Momsen and Tim Gunn on Gossip Girl

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Taylor Momsen returns to Gossip Girl October 25, and guest star Tim Gunn will also appear that week. From the looks of it, Taylor could not be more thrilled to be back on set!

In the episode, Blair permits aspiring designer Jenny to temporarily return to the paradise of Manhattan to meet with Tim Gunn (as Tim Gunn) about a job opportunity.

J's supposedly leaving again until winter afterward, so it's possible their encounters on Gossip Girl go as badly as their real-life exchanges. Tim basically said Taylor sucks.

Taylor Momsen and Tim Gunn

Seriously, Taylor Momsen. At least try to contain your excitement. Yeesh.

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YESSSS Tim Gunn is on! XD im not so excited for Little J specially with the rumors that she'll sabotage Serena while working with Juliet. :(
they should give her NICE story lines and not these vengeful ones.


I really hate Jenny... I don't miss her at all on the show and as I see the most of you will agree with me on that...


At least Taylor's being real and making it clear she doesn't exactly like or respect Tim Gunn. Whereas Tim is being a fake bitch, smiling for the camera, wrapping his arm around Taylor, and then trashing her behind her back.


She does her job well. If you guys don't like her don't discuss her and give importance. And Tim Gunn doesn't work on the show as a regular. Don't take his judgment that seriously!


I Dont miss jenny at all in this season 3. this season is far much better than season 3. so much drama. i don't ever want to see this racoon rebelious teenager again in GG. here's hoping this WILL be the last appearance.


LOL taylorrr you are pathetic. try to act happy for once and be a proffesional like tim did in the photo. tsk tsk


At least in the show she is dressed... don't like this kid behaving like a all-knowing grown up! Tay really sucks!

Al in germany

Well it's been a week since you did an item bashing Taylor Steve, so I guess you were due one!


"Blair permits..."
this is ridiculous. it's like Blair is the owner of Manhattan Island. only on Gossip Girl world :p
anyway, looking foward this episode (:


Love Taylor Momsen, so real!

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