First Look: Taylor Momsen and Tim Gunn on Gossip Girl

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Taylor Momsen returns to Gossip Girl October 25, and guest star Tim Gunn will also appear that week. From the looks of it, Taylor could not be more thrilled to be back on set!

In the episode, Blair permits aspiring designer Jenny to temporarily return to the paradise of Manhattan to meet with Tim Gunn (as Tim Gunn) about a job opportunity.

J's supposedly leaving again until winter afterward, so it's possible their encounters on Gossip Girl go as badly as their real-life exchanges. Tim basically said Taylor sucks.

Taylor Momsen and Tim Gunn

Seriously, Taylor Momsen. At least try to contain your excitement. Yeesh.

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She should return to say GOOD BYE!
Hasn't been miss nor will eigther.
The Jenny we liked and love is been gone for a while, so , she can go 'touring' to wherever she wants,
btw that eyeshadow -all black-fase saw it with avril lavigne a few years ago! Very original!


I love tim.I love anyone who hates taylor.just look at her face,She is disgusting.I wish they kill her off in the show.I can't stand jenny or taylor.Both are losers.


At least they did a somewhat decent job with her hair finally.


I've really enjoyed the lack of Jenny and her black eyeshadow mussing up my show. She should stay gone. :)

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