Glee Does The Rocky Horror Picture Show: First Look

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It's paid tribute to Britney Spears and tackled the difficult topic of religion.

On October 26, meanwhile, Glee will take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

"I've loved Rocky Horror since I first saw it when I was 12," says Chris Colfer told TV Guide of the 1975 movie. "There is no point to it except being crazy and having a good time."

That's exactly what Colfer, John Stamos and Chord Overstreet appear to be doing in these photos. Click on each and go behind the scenes on this episode now:

Glee Does Rocky Horror Picture Show
Kurt In Costume
Sam on Glee

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Reese williams

Sam as Rocky? too predictable. he will screw it up.


I think Quinn is Magenta


So glad Kurt is Riff Raff, that hopefully means Chris will do the Time Warp (Mercades playing Magenta would be awesome!!!)! Sam is probably a good choice for Rocky.
Not sure about John Stamos though, would have thought Artie would be a better choice but I'll wait and see what the plot is before deciding if I like it.
Pity they couldn't get Tim Curry for a cameo, he would have been beyond epic.
Looks like fun though! :D

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