Glee Poll: What Did You Think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute?

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Everyone loved the Madonna tribute. But opinions were mixed on the Britney Spears tribute.

This week, though, Glee paid homage to a movie instead of a singer, dressing up its characters in Rocky Horror Picture Show attire and honoring that film with a slew of incredible renditions.

Honoring Rocky Horror

We hope to see you back at TV Fanatic first thing Wednesday morning for a detailed review of the episode. In the meantime, we're asking readers to discuss it in our Glee forum, in the Comments section below and to respond to this simple poll question: What did you think?

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I had never heard of rocky horror until glee,and I actually enjoyed the episode.


I really like this episode although the thing i hate is that we have to wait 2 more weeks for a new episode. DANG! I really love john stamos in here, his so funny. The whole cast did a great job although I find Lea Michelle's role as Rachel is kinda overracting. Better than the Britney Episode. I love how all the Glee members work together.


If i didnt like Rocky Horror then this was a pretty bad episode. But i love rocky horror, and so this episode will remain the BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!


I loved the concept of the episode, the songs were great, but honestly...the show was kinda boring. I really didn't see the point to it. Plus HELLO? Uh, Sam and Quinn? You there? Is that couple gunna have an episode that REALLY shows their relationship? There was one tiny part that showed they liked each other...please give us some more Quam!!!


To the people who voted terrible? Why? You can't call anything that has to do with Rocky Horror terrible!


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We met right here. I took this man's hand and we ran down that hallway. Those of you who know me know I'm not in the habit of taking the hands of people I've never met before, but I think that my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn't know yet. It knew that our hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever. Which is why it's never really felt like I've been getting to know you. It's always felt like I was remembering you from something. As if in every lifetime that you and I have ever lived we've chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again, over and over, for all eternity. And I just feel so lucky that I found you so soon in this lifetime because all I want to do, all I've ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love, will you marry me?


I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.