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If the Britney Spears episode of Glee was too light on story, and "Grilled Cheesus" too heavy on message, "Duets" was akin to the porridge on which Goldie Locks dined: Just right.

The varied songs fit in organically with the plot, a new character was integrated into the group and the show went back to correct one of my biggest problems with it. Let's go over all the things this episode did well:

Will and Sam

It made viewers care about Sam. Granted, we had already met this (fake!) blonde-haired jock, but this installment gave the character depth, personality and even a burgeoning relationship. Seriously, is anyone not rooting for Suinn now? With the exception of a smooth dating nickname, Sam and Quinn seem perfect together and we're on board to see where this goes. (No offense, Puck, please don't hurt us.)

It re-introduced us to Quinn. Since her baby was born, the Cheerio has fought with Santana and tried to return to her bitchy ways, but she's mostly just been absent from any main storyline. Until now, that is, as Dianna Agron - lip quivering, eyes watering - shined in explaining to Sam why she couldn't get close to anyone new. Great work on her part. And nice to have Quinn a relevant member of New Directions again.

It made me not miss Sue Sylvester. Okay, I'm lying. I totally missed Sue Sylvester. But Brittany's one-liners almost made up for the lack of Sue's (she thought Artie was a robot and a "duet" was a blanket) and it does make sense for that track-suited menace to not appear on a few episodes. She isn't actually in the group, remember.

It opened the door for actual depth to Brittany. It will be interesting to see if the show really follows through on Brittany dealing with her reputation at school, although this was easily my least favorite aspect of the episode. Should we really feel bad for Artie? The guy's legs don't work, but his eyes and his brain are fine, right? He must have been fully aware of Brittany's philosophy on sex and dating before he hopped/was carried into bed with her.

And, let's face it, Artie isn't innocent here, either. He's clearly not over Tina. The idea of him actually feeling used and hurt by his (shocking!) sexual experience felt both forced and too much like an after school special.

It made me crave breadsticks. I was assuming they'd be of the soft variety, though, weren't you?

It introduced viewers to scissoring: I won't reveal what this action is to ignorant readers, but to those of you in the know: Can you believe the show went there?!?

It course corrected Kurt. I practically cheered out loud when Finn explained to Kurt that he doesn't have a problem with gays, he just has a problem with how Kurt can come on too strong. As I wrote about at the time, Glee glossed over Kurt's role in the "fagot" incident of "Theatricality." Finn was wrong to have used that word and Mr. Hummel was right in going off on him about it - but, as Finn so rightly said last night, if he acted around a girl the way Kurt acts around him, there would be major repercussions.

Chris Colfer is outstanding and the character of Kurt is refreshing to have on TV, but just because he's gay doesn't mean he should be able to get away with any behavior he likes. Kudos to the show for re-visiting this concept. It's great for Kurt to be comfortable with who he is, but he still must be cognizant of how he treats other people who are different from him.

It gave us unique pairings. Sam and Quinn? Artie and Brittany? Santana and Mercedes? Great to see tandems we aren't accustomed to putting on performances... all of which we've captured in our Glee music section!

There's no new episode until October 26, so we'll have plenty of time to analyze this one. What did everyone else think?

** We'll be interesting Chord Overstreet tomorrow. Got any questions for the actor? Leave a Comment with them and we'll ask!


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I LOVVEEE that for once they didnt make rachel look like a selfish bitch. I love that they are actually getting some people to like her. I have been wanting that since the show began. I hate how they all just hate her. I want them to love her even though she's crazy at times. I just really love the whole Kurt/Rachel thing at the end. I also LOVED the finn/rachel dynamic this episode. They are at their best when scheming together.. So hilarious. Why is Mike in Glee club if he sings that terrible? He is probably ruining their I kind of want to see Quinn and Rachel develop some kind of friendship. I think double dates with Sam and Finn would be amazing.


@Alvin - It was offensive because Rachel was dressed as a schoolgirl and Finn was dressed as a priest. Weird? I loved this episode! It was great to see people duet who we hadn't heard together before, instead of just the usual Rachel and Finn. Plus we got to see more of Mike's moves!
Missed Puck and Sue though.


This episode exposes us to a lot of realities in High School. I think the duets were great, with Santana and Mercedes as the best duet in my opinion. Rachel/Finn - not so good. I don't get why it's offensive though.
Sam/Quinn - kinda ordinary, but their blending was really good.
Mike/Tina - I wish they can actually let Mike sing a song, maybe a song where his voice fits.


Omigosh, I'm so glad someone brought up the Kurt/Finn thing! Finn was wrong for calling him what he did but Kurt WAS NOT innocent! What really surprises me is that Kurt's dad hasn't taken into consideration that Kurt (being a gay male) may be attracted to Finn (another male); and that putting them in a room together is not much different than putting a male and a female in the same room (not calling Kurt a girl, I'm just saying that he is attracted to the same gender as a girl typically is). I just feel like Kurt needs to own up to what he's really about and let Finn off the hook a little.


So, anyone heard the reason why Puck was not on this epiosode? It appears he's also not in the Rocky Horror episode either. Here's hoping that there isn't any trouble with Mark Salling.


I actually think Brittany has some real feelings for Santana


I love Glee. I love the characters, and I loved last season's storyline. But this season is somewhat disappointing. I realize that they have this new character, Sam, and they love him. I like him too. But how many times are we going to see him in the shower? And, didn't he dislocate his shoulder supposedly a week ago? He's walking around now like he's just fine. There was no Sue, no Puck, and a really stupid fight between Tina and Mike. Plus, are we not worried about Burt anymore? He went from being in a coma to being on a couch, and Kurt gets into a fight with him right after lecturing him about his stress test? What on earth? And Rachel and Finn holding hands while singing a duet is just.. blah! We know they're together! And I didn't get why their song that they ended up doing for the competition was so "rude". I thought it was ironic and kinda funny, but not horribly offensive. And Mike and Tina's duet was ok, but in the end, it left me wondering, why would any Glee club have a member in it that couldn't sing? Also, Artie didn't put a lot of thought into losing his virginity when it happened, but afterward, he acted like Brittany had raped him in an alley or something. Also, I really wish that Santana would stop putting the letter 's' at the end of her verbs. Her dad is a doctor, but she still feels the need to use ghetto-speak? Blah. I still love Glee, but I'm waiting for it to reach the levels it did last season. (I did love Brittany rolling the meatball with her nose. And there were a lot of one liners, but not enough to make it as enjoyable as I hoped this episode would be.)


This was to me the next to worst episode of Glee. I feel they have lost their way. No Sue, no Shoe, no Beast, No Figgens. I'm glad Kurt was exposed. Sad that Ardi is playing victim to Brittany. Come on!! I felt this episode was overly and ackwardly sexual. It put a lot of the show's characters in bad rep situations. I'm yours today, much like all of the Brittany songs... Do not need to be and I repeat do not need to be Covered!! They are too relevant and perfect as is!!!!!! Do what the show was good at first bring back those classic pop songs and weave them into the story line. I'm a regular dude and I like this show , but with all of the awkwardness I just wanted to barf. Goodbye Santana Quin you angel... Goodbye Puck, maybe you just saved yourself. Is there any tension anyone here is looking forward to ? The gimmick of the Horror Show episode seems entertaining.


Finally got the whole 'offensive' (sheesh I can be dim), too subtle for the likes of me. Now if Finn had been dressed like a priest or the pope maybe I'd have got it sooner *lol*


Oh and I'm glad they cleared up what ACTUALLY happened between Kurt and Finn, not Kurt's warped 'victim' version (I adore Kurt, but seriously that was so harsh the way he let Finn take the wrap for their arguement). It needed to be addressed and I sighed with relief when Burt said he knew what had really happened.

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