The Rocky Horror Glee Show: A Review

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Confession time: I am unfamiliar with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I've heard of it, I recognized a couple numbers from "The Rocky Horror Glee Show," but the prospect of an entire hour dedicated to a 35-year old movie struck me as a strange decision by a series that is nothing if not current.

That said... I LOVED this episode, and here's why: it incorporated fun songs into already-established storylines and gave a platform to different characters than usual.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Attire

The relationship between Will and Emma hasn't been featured much this season, but that changed this week, as the inspiration behind honoring Rocky Horror felt organic, like a natural (albeit moronic and self-centered) decision Will would make in the face of losing Emma to Carl.

Unlike the Britney-based trainwreck of a few weeks ago, nothing about this episode felt forced. Which is an impressive feat to pull off, considering how random it may have seemed to some viewers that every song was from a film that came out over three decades ago.

Even those unfamiliar with
the music, though, must have enjoyed the performances. Jayma Mays, for instance, was given her second solo - and she didn't just nail it, she likely caused a few broken jaws across the country from men's mouths dropping open so violently.

It was seriously hot stuff.

John Stamos also took full advantage of his character's audition for the play, as I was afraid my wife would leave me on the spot for him when he rocked out to "Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul." Her exact words: John Stamos... who knew? I love you. I totally understood.

Meanwhile, it was interesting that Sue's speech to Will about the dangers of Rocky Horror came during the same week that many critics took exception to the show allowing Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith to pose provocatively for GQ. Sue said it was wrong to put on this play because it wasn't the job of a school to give teens such an outlet to lewd behavior.

An odd parallel to criticisms of the pictorial, isn't it? No way the series somehow planned it that way... right?

Other thoughts on a solid, entertaining hour of television:

  • Becky as Sue for Halloween? Amazing. Give me some chocolate or I will cut you.
  • Finn's body wasn't bad at all. But compared to Sam shirtless, anyone would feel insecure. Move over, Taylor Lautner. Look at this guy!
  • I really wish we could see Brittany's peanut allergy costume.
  • Yes, that was Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf as the cable news reporters who convinced Sue to run her story. They both starred in the 1975 movie.
  • No Puck again this week, but don't worry. He'll return for the November 9 episode.

What did everyone else think?


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I love Rocky Horror and I loved this episode. I think a lot of the fans who got into Glee because they were musical fans know the material and I think they really did a great job for having a reason for all the songs.


I liked the episode but didn't love it which is probably because I'm not familiar with the original movie.


@ Jenna Smith In the movie during Touch-a Touch Me, there were 2 girls spying as well, that's why they had Santana and Brittany, btw :) And I agree about Sam's eating disorder - they addressed it waay too much(He eats a hot dog and then hates himself for days, etc.) not to mention it again.


For anyone who hasnt seen Rocky horror picture show GO SEE IT! You are not an official adult/teen until you have seen this movie. For doing a rendition of rocky horror, I thought the episode was ok, they could have done more, maybe had the floor show and a few more songs, and had more acting of the film out, all in all I thought the film was mediocre. (Side note: I was dancing to all the songs with the original dance moves!)


I have to admit I've never seen Rocky Horror.. but I've heard the Time Warp before so I wasn't really into the episode as much as I probably would have if I was familiar with the story. That being said I loved the scenes with Will and Emma, It was kinda awkward though with Brittany and Santana in that musical number with them.. Mercedes was awesome! John Stamos still has it! Loved Sue's Corner. I don't know why Finn was so self conscious about his body it's not like he was fat or anything.. IDK but I think Sam might have an eating disorder, maybe it's something they will address later on if it's true, like they did with Mercedes. I missed Puck. Kurt looked awesome. I did like the episode but I need to rent the movie to throughly enjoy it.


I loved this episode!!! adored the john stamos song (hot patootie is awesome) but I loved touch-a-touch-a-touch-me more...emma and will are awesome together... even though I'm only 16, this is one of my favourite films of all time...soooo glad they did it... also, I think Finn is good looking...but yeh, being next to Sam is a bit of a disadvantage...I'm still loving him and rachel together...they're really good together :) but why do they keep having gaps in the middle of episodes??? why do we have to wait 2 weeks!? :(


This was a very fun episode. LOVED Touch-a Touch Me! I was laughing so hard during the "This play is terrible!" scene. Finn's line: Dr. Scott! *scream* Janet! Dr. Scott! Finn's line: Janet! I'm so bored I fell into a microsleep. Brad! Rocky! RRRRR!
And the fact that it went on for so long was amazing :D
Will has gone completely crazy over Emma. But it's nice to see he's kind of acting the way Emma did in season 1. It's funny how life turns out sometimes.
All in all, I wasn't sure I'd like this episode that much, but I did :)

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