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After a week layoff, Gossip Girl returned tonight with "Easy J." Between Juliet's meddling, the return of Jenny and the escalation of Chair's war, did it live up to the hype?

TVF's complete review, collection of quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table of events will be posted Tuesday. Now, we want to hear from you.

What did you think of Monday's Gossip Girl? Did you like it? Are you happy with the season so far? Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and/or by leaving comments below!

Taylor Momsen and Tim Gunn

What did you think of "Easy J"?

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Kimberly anne

This to me was the best episode by far of season two.
As much as I hated the return of Little J, I do have to admit that it was good having her back, to give off the good type of drama that people actually want to see. I kind of miss you Jenny :)
Dan and Nate seriously are worthless to the show now. Dan is out playing daddy to Jenny and Nate just happens to be the guy with a Dad in jail. These two are pathetic.
Every single dress that Serena have worn to any party, there is always a gap between her chest and every episode that gap seems to just get bigger. At first i find it annoying because its demeaning to the actress but since she's not that good of an actress I guess the stylist needs to dressy up her character so viewers won't ay attention to her.
Ugh!!! Can Chuck please stop wearing both hideous bath robes?! There is nothing attractive about them. Can he not wear a tux in his home. I understand he may have to wear it in other places but at least let him take off the jacket and tie/bowtie in his house.
I love the ending of Chuck and Blair. Best scene of the entire episode. They hav amazing chemistry. I almost cry when she shut the door, although Chuck was a complete bitch to her. I love Blair's dress at the party. She is soooo beautiful.
I can't wait for next episode. The promo looks goooooood. Chair Forever!!!


After a week of hiatus, Gossip Girl came back with a... semi-vengeance. Though, this episode seemed a little lacking of the normal Gossip Girl drama, I'm happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I loved it merely because of Chuck and Blair. I cherished their last scene on this episode because it showed their vulnerability once again and their love and compassion for each other. They might not get back together for a while but at least there is that glimmer of hope that one day after all the pain subsides. sparks might fly between them once more. I love that Jenny gave that speech, to pull them out of their deliriousness. She was right, together they were invincible, separated they're just scorned, and bitter. Brava, Little J for taking the ... high road. I'm sure you'll be back to stir some trouble. I'm excited for the next episode. Hate Sex and more drama here we come! =)


This episode was just OK. it was just really uneventful. It seemed like the same old scenes over and over. I mean Jenny giving into Blair's ban in Manhattan, minions following Jenny, Serena and Colin (who's her professor and she's not supposed to be with him, blah blah blah), etc. Blair and Chuck's war came to an uneventful end as well. A couple words from Jenny and they are done with the war. Poor story writing. I am looking forward to next week though, seems like that episode will be good.


it was totally awesome for me just cause of that intense handshake betweeen chair. i cant believe a simple handshake can do that to me...i'll probably DIE when i see the full thing. IF i see it. hopefully i see it... i didnt even understand how jenny really WON you know. i didnt understand her exit strategy. and why dan was PROUD of her. but whatever she's gone thank god. she wont come back right? GG is over for her right
please tell me it is.


I love this episode!!!
its getting betterrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Jenny's comeback is actually a good one cos of how she taught some lesson to Chair...without her we probably wont have the Chair truce and maybe not the Chair sex next week as well!!!!
and the last Chair scene is amazinggggg...both seem dont want to let go of each other's hand. Their expressions just said it all that what they really wanted to do is hug each other and make out!!!! EPICCC!!!!


It was good to see Taylor's eyes again--she has such beautiful, expressive ones! Her hair--meh. and..NO VANESSA :)


People love chuck and blair, check the comments on twitter or tumblr. last scene was amazing, the actors are so good, and have so much chemistry


I love Penelope, that girl lives and breathes scandals! So glad she's back, makes the minions actually mean something again.


to all the ppl complaining about ppl complaining- this is a discussion page, not a fan page. it's not for gossip girl lovers particuarly. if it was the writers wouldn't write scathing reviews. chill out- it's not holy, we're allowed to not like it


So little J is taking the high road. Really? She decided that she's better than Chuck and Blair because she called it quits AFTER she played the only card she had to play? Hmm, somehow I'm not convinced that's called taking the high road, more like running away before the crap hits the fan. After all, she did piss off both Chuck and Blair this time, and even little J recognizes that those two are formidable when together. And the endless dramas of Serena. I swear, she's like a drug addict. "I'm coming clean because I was such a mess before. I don't want to be that person again, but maybe I'll just hold onto these drugs for you, because I'm strong, adult woman and I can withstand temptation." Either be the tart and drop the class or be the student and drop the Prof. But I think we all know which you'd choose, no matter how much you try to change without really trying to change at all. I think the most interesting thing this season is Juliet. I loved Cassidy's portrayal of Juliet. She gave such an achingly human face to what could have been just another pretty, manipulative, but ultimately 2D character. I can't wait to see what happens next.


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