Gossip Girl Producers' Preview: "Easy J"

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We've seen a sneak preview of a Jenny-Tim Gunn scene from next week's Gossip Girl. Now, producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran break down "Easy J" in greater detail.

In this two-minute video, the show-runners talk about Jenny's controversial "day pass" return, Tim's key role in the episode,  a first-ever filming location in NYC, and more.

Here's their commentary, blended with a bunch of clips from the episode:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/easy-j-extended-preview/" title="Easy J: Extended Preview"] [/video]

What do you think of J's return to GG?

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Did anyone not notice that Jenny called Tim Gunn Tim "Dunn" when she was explaining to Blair why she was here for one day?


I hate Jenny!
I want Chuck and Blair back together asap!

Uche bass

bitchy blair is so HOT!!! i love her!!!


Why does everybody acts like Jenny screw up Blair and Chuck's ''perfect'' relationSHIT all by herself? You know, to make a one night stand work u need TWO persons, those being Chuck and Jenny. It's not like Jenny raped poor little Chuck and he didnt want to fuck her. Geez!!


These two people are responsible for EFFING up Chuck and Blair. And I don't believe anything they say anymore. Last season finale, they tried to calm us down about the speculations with Jenny and
Chuck by LYING to us that there wasn't going to be a CHuck and JEnny sex and look what happened.


Both of you chill.


@ ashiixbear actually you're the idiot for not evening know how to use proper grammar! Right on!


God, Taylor is SO skinny, that can't be healthy. Is she anorexic or something?


It makes me sick that they treat Jenny like some kind of victim, and Blair as an aggressor who needs comeuppance. Jenny knew who she was messing with when she slept with Chuck, and she had just finished actively trying to pry away Nate from Serena. What a disgusting little cockroach she has become. If Blair has to suffer ANYTHING negative as a result of J's reappearance, it's a travesty. Of course, with the sick, abusive way the writers and producers treat Blair's character, I can only expect it.


I hate her! I don't like the fact that Chuck is hating Blair :( it makes me sad and that's all Jenny's fault -.- And she's uglier than before! :D

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