Gossip Girl Promo: "War at the Roses"

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We don't normally get our hands on the following week's Gossip Girl promo before the current week's episode even airs in the U.S., but here's an early look at "War at the Roses."

As you can see, the Chair hate sex is ON, as is Juliet's plot to get Serena caught with her professor. Gulp. Guess the drama is really starting to pick up here in season four.

Take a look at the first "War at the Roses" promo here and comment away ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/war-at-the-roses-promo-canadian/" title="War at the Roses Promo (Canadian)"] [/video]

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Thats really gross.. Juliet calls her "brother" hot in the second episode!!!!!! look; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


I love this Colin character! He is so hot, but kinds shady. Is he really in on Juliet/Ben's plot? The Colin-Juliet scene was ambiguous. Is he writing her a check to finance the scheme? Or will it turn out to be some far-fetched scheme like she's his ex-wife and it's an alimony check...


I can't waittttttt.....OMG




Juliet working for Colin--did she work for him before he came to Columbia? Is it coincidence that she has a relationship with Colin? Maybe another poster below was right--Colin has nothing to do with this, and he's collateral damage...


Is it possible that Colin isn't involved in Juliet's scheme, and he will just be collateral damage on the way of taking down Serena? I mean the talk between Juliet and Colin sounded ambiguous to me- but i'm not a native speaker so it's possible that i misunderstood it.


I bet it is a dream!!! I really hope not cause them fighting does not work for me!


hehe teasers have been misleading in the past. This one is probably no exception. It's gonna be nice to see some Chair stuff working out, but I just hope that it's not a crappy ep that's only about Chair and the other characters sort of trail along lamely. That would be awful, and I so wanna trust the writers not to screw up season 4. It's been great so far. :)


@uche bass Sorry, the promo may say tonight at 8, but tonight's episode was 'Easy J'. We have to wait a week too-7 days will never have seemed so long...

Fcuk dair go chair 3

YESSSSSSSSS finally some CHAIR action!!! it looks AMAZING! chuck is too sexy ;) the only crappy part is waiting til MONDAY!

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