Gossip Girl Promos: "Goodbye, Columbia"

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As if the ending of last night's "Touch of Eva" didn't do so already, a couple of promos for next week's Gossip Girl hint at some major drama on the Chuck-Blair front.

The CW synopsis of "Goodbye, Columbia" says that Blair decides to take a class with a powerful businesswoman, Martha, while a new student plans to thwart Blair.

This new student tries to become Martha's understudy instead of B. That's gotta be Chuck, right? Enrolling at Columbia just to mess with her? Right up Bass' alley.

Are we on the money there? Here's the first promo for the episode ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/goodbye-columbia-promo/" title="Goodbye Columbia Promo"] [/video]

There's also a blast from Gossip Girl that targets Serena. Follow the jump for an additional "Goodbye, Columbia" promo from Canada and a longer one from the U.S., too ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/goodbye-columbia-ctv-promo/" title="Goodbye, Columbia: CTV Promo"] [/video]

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/goodbye-columbia-extended-promo/" title="Goodbye, Columbia: Extended Promo"] [/video]

We gotta ask ... whose side are you on?

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oh well. since eva's gone, i'll settle for chuck. i know a lot of people like blair for her spunk. but until she stop being so petty and finally matures, i'm not going to root for her happiness. people like that who don't learn from their mistakes do not deserve it. TEAM CHUCK! ;D


Old Chuck is back, season 3 Chuck was acting like a old man, old Blair is back too! YES Gossip Girl is back!!!!


We're in for an all-out Chuck V. Blair showdown just like the good old days. Scheming always brings them together, especially when its against eachother. C still loves B, and vice versa. They're both on such high horses that they won't dare admit they still love eachother. Why? Because its Chuck and BLAIR! The Eva and Georgina storylines got wrapped up too quickly. Georgina does NOT go quietly. Some people just don’t change. Its definitely nice to have a break from Jenny-- seriously, i'm soooo sick of her! xx


to those who say that chuck never really loved blair keep forgetting he was going to propose to her. i'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to be stuck in that situation if he didn't love her. chuck is just an ass, that's his character. just like blair is a manipulative bitch. he's just upset about how the whole thing with blair went down and doesn't know how to deal with it so he makes blair's life hell. i'm sure she'll do the same to him. personally, i like the angst.


by the way im happy the good old chuck is back... even though the nice one was a sweet change, the old chuck keeps things exciting ....What an amazing character the producers have created.... love it


ahh absolutely loves the last episode it was very exciting... as of the next i cant wait... LOVE THIS SHOW I HOPE IT NEVER ENDS.... and as for who's team r we on.... obviously both theres never been a better team than Chuck & Blair combined

Victoria loves chair

BTW-why is chuck wearing like some weird red scarf in the promo? Where did his seasons 1 and 2 scarf go? Did that prostitute who was dancing in it in 4x01 steal it?

Victoria loves chair

Does anyone know why the line about pie in the promo for next week is so funny? I dont get it....did i miss a reference in a previous episode to kinky chuck/blair sex involving pie? or is P-I-E a slang word for some female body part that i dont know about?


i just cannot understand why Chuck doesn't see B is lying to him, she is clearly still in love with him and by the way it makes no sense for Chuck not being to be able to realize he is in love with Blair too. I mean Eva the prostitute even saw that, anyone with eyes knows they're in a love hate relationship why can't he see that?! XOXO Love Chair

Uche bass

TEAM BLAIR!!!! blair was a scorned woman and scorned women dont think with their heads but with their hearts. chuck deserved everything she did to him and more! I mean why was it so easy for chuck to be a perfect gentleman to this strange woman eva but when it comes to blair, the only thing he ever loved, all he does is make her cry????!!!!! LETS COUNT HOW MANY TIMES CHUCK HAS MADE BLAIR CRY!!!!! many many many times! but how many times has chuck being hurt by blair, this will make it the 3rd time or something! its not fair and to flash his stupid new relationship in her face every chance he gets is just being spiteful! Even when b had the count, she didn't want chuck around! didn't she deserve the same courtesy from him?!!!

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