Gossip Girl Promos: "Goodbye, Columbia"

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As if the ending of last night's "Touch of Eva" didn't do so already, a couple of promos for next week's Gossip Girl hint at some major drama on the Chuck-Blair front.

The CW synopsis of "Goodbye, Columbia" says that Blair decides to take a class with a powerful businesswoman, Martha, while a new student plans to thwart Blair.

This new student tries to become Martha's understudy instead of B. That's gotta be Chuck, right? Enrolling at Columbia just to mess with her? Right up Bass' alley.

Are we on the money there? Here's the first promo for the episode ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/goodbye-columbia-promo/" title="Goodbye Columbia Promo"] [/video]

There's also a blast from Gossip Girl that targets Serena. Follow the jump for an additional "Goodbye, Columbia" promo from Canada and a longer one from the U.S., too ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/goodbye-columbia-ctv-promo/" title="Goodbye, Columbia: CTV Promo"] [/video]

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/goodbye-columbia-extended-promo/" title="Goodbye, Columbia: Extended Promo"] [/video]

We gotta ask ... whose side are you on?

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"there is no limits. i won't stop until you have nothing."
wait WHAT? WTH is going on here? who is telling this to who?! nothing? let her die instead! she already lost one of the things she loved the most. it's so awkward how chuck was wandering around paris and when someone familiar showed up and told him to come back to new york, his response was "i lost the only thing i ever loved.". after telling that, the next episode he turns into a lovey-dovey person with eva and when he thinks that she doesn't like her anymore he goes to blair. when she comes back, he kisses her in front of blair. in the forth episode, chuck is driving blair nuts. is he really that stupid? they spent an entire season loving each other and he believes that she doesn't love her anymore? oh and when chuck chooses blair instead of eva, blair turns into the very-guilty-need-to-take-revenge girl. well, she WAS guilty but "i won't stop until you have NOTHING"? i was surprised how blair was all sad and worried. if that was season 1 blair she'd look all, "i don't have feelings, im a waldorf you basstard" but here she's "how could you do this to me? im your blair! i need your attention! look, i've made you pie!!"


IDK who should win. Im going with Blair because I am tired of her being always played as a victim, she is a BITCH, bring BitchBlair back, and Chuck deserves to suffer a little (but not to much haha)


Blair isn't an angel , and that's what makes us love her more than Eva . We fell for the bitchy , manipulative Blair , And those who expect her to be kind and angelic can switch show .
I really agree with go_ask_alice . I can't find a good explanation against Chucks behaviour . I mean he acts like he didn't do anything to hurt Blair and that she doesn't have all of the worlds reasons to do this to him .


Blair should win this time, not just because Chuck did something bad to her...she did some bad things to him. but Chuck is always the winner, did he pay for his mistake? yes he lost the only thing he loved but instead trying to win her back he is trying to be the good guy and that infront of Blair. Blair pay's for every mistake or bad things she did, does. So this time Blair has to win and Chuck has to pay for trying to ruin Blair and that OTHER THING he did.


the scarf is back :D!




Chill, gang LOL Chuck isn't over Blair, not by a longshot. He hates himself for what he's done to her but, being emotionally stunted (thanks, Bart and mommy), he has no idea how to deal with that. If he's not directing his anger at himself (by whoring and drugging), then he's going to direct it at someone else--Blair. These two are eternally connected—Eva saw that, but we already knew that. They are going to stay in each other’s lives, any way they can. If they can’t love each other again, just yet, they are still going to interact the only way they know how—they will antagonize each other. This keeps each of them close to the other, although not necessarily in a healthy way. Think of the upcoming war as painful flirting :P


You know, I dont think Chuck is over Blair, he is just in denial. I cant take his feeling for Eva serious, the relationship was all about himself "how she changed him", "how she made him a good person" etc. It was all about him. Chuck will only grow up when does it by himself, not because of someone else.


Seriously Chuck, you should be grateful that all Blair did to you was screw up a relationship. You sold her to your uncle for a hotel, slept with the one person in the world that would hurt her the most, toyed with her emotions for two seasons, and made her feel like an idiot when she told you she loved you...TWICE!!! Stop being a vindictive prick and at the very least call it even. P.S. I seriously think Chuck liked the "idea" of Eva more than he actually liked Eva herself. If Blair had said that she still loved him at the train station in Paris, Chuck totally would have dumped Eva in a heartbeat.


I don't like how they made Chuck get over Blair so fast. He should be the one missing her and she be the one flaunting a guy in front of him. I hope she finds a good guy to be with for a while before her and chuck get back together. He should be jealous now. What she did was wrong, but she is hurt and is obviously still in love with him. Those feelings don't just go away.
I want to know what this Gossip Girl blast is about serena. I don't like that Dan is hanging out with Juliet and Nate in the promo. I want Dan and Serena together again so bad. I was so upset when he chose Vanessa at the end of last night's episode. I HATE VANESSA. I think her character is so pointless that its ridiculous. Its like, when they need one of the main guys to hook up with someone, they make Vanessa the go to girl. She has been with Nate and Dan and Chuck. They just throw her with whoever is getting lonely. I hate her. I would rather have Jenny back and Vanessa leave..only i wish she would leave for good.
Anyways, I hope Dan stands up for Serena after the GG blast. That would be awesome. And I hope they end up together. But I do that that Vanessa was right about one thing, I think Serena has to grow up a little bit before her and Dan are together again. But Dan doesn't need to be with Vanessa while Serena is growing up....

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